Victimised Televsion Writer to Take Legal Action Against Her Alleged Rapist Alok Nath
Alok Nath (photo credit: File Image)

In perhaps the most shocking revelation since the #MeToo movement became strong in India in the past few days, actor Alok Nath has been accused of rape by the writer of a show he had acted in. Vinta Nanda had talked about her horrifying ordeal through her Facebook post that happened 19 years back. She accused Alok Nath of raping her while she was drunk and also misbehaving on the sets of the show, Tara, that used to air on Zee TV. The post became viral within seconds and many have slammed Alok Nath for his acts. #MeToo India Strikes Most Sanskari Babuji of Bollywood! Shobha Sant Calls Alok Nath a ‘Monster’!

Alok Nath later came on ABP News and claimed that while Vinta Nanda may have been raped, it was not him and that he was responsible for making her career big. Now the latest update on the matter, is that Vinta Nanda is considering to take legal action against Alok Nath. Angst Against Alok Nath Takes Over Twitter After Writer's Shocking Revelations About Sexual Assault Go Viral - Read Tweets.

Speaking to the media in a conference today, Vinta insists that she is standing by her statements and that she is not ashamed of those. She said, "I am meeting consultants and advisors today evening, so by tomorrow, I will have the next course of action ready. I am not ashamed of anything, it is he who should feel ashamed."

Well, that's the right course to take, so that any potential perpetrators might have at least one ounce of fright before messing with another woman.