The moment we all wanted to avoid has happened. Game of Thrones has ended. Well, truth be told, many were looking forward, happily, to the end because they knew series finale will give the internet ample opportunities to create new memes and crack jokes. Emotions attached to the airing the last-ever episode, aren't GoT memes the best? So, while you recuperate from the gigantic end to the most-epic series ever, here is something to ease off the pain. We scrolled through the internet, like a psychopath stalking an ex, and we found the best of the best jokes for you. Game of Thrones 8 Finale: Emilia Clarke Reveals Kit Harrington Cried When He Learnt That Jon Snow Kills Daenerys Targaryen.

Although, goes without saying but some of these jokes are spoiler heavy. So, if you have not watched the final episode of Game of Thrones, we'd suggest you come back later. For the rest, let this Twitter get the ball rolling on this epic joke on Sansa talking about her brother's impotency. Game of Thrones Season 8 Finale: Daenerys Targaryen Looks Like a Dragon in This Shot Being Loved by Fans.

Was it really required, Sansa?


Is it?

As if Deadpool is a piece of art



We all have that one friend

This one's gonna remain a meme for a long time


Great observation

Who's next?


My Queen

Lost or GoT? Which was worse?


Job Goals

The perfect meme doesn't exi...

And those were our favourite jokes that viewers cracked on Game of Thrones. It is tough to say if the journey was worth it at the moment. But one thing's for sure, the show has given us fodder for memes and jokes that will last a lifetime.

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