Happy Birthday Janet Jackson: 10 Interesting Facts About The American Singer-Songwriter That Prove Why She is The Pop Icon
Janet Jackson (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Happy Birthday, Janet Jackson! The pop icon has turned 54-year-old today, and damn she is ageing like fine wine. The five-time Grammy award winner, Jackson has built a career so groundbreaking. Many know that the singer’s career began in childhood, when she first appeared in The Jackons TV shows in 1976. She was only 10-year-old at the time. And her career ballooned since then. Aside from her brother Michael Jackson, she is easily the most recognised Jackson and one of the best-selling artists of all time. The American singer has loads of talent. An actress, songwriter, dance and of course, singer, this Jackson has grown her career in a smart and systematic way. On her 54th birthday, here we look at top ten Janet Jackson facts that prove why she is a pop icon.

1. Janet Jackson is the only woman singer in the history of Rock & Roll to score five back to back #1 studio albums on the Billboard Album’s chart.

2. She went on stage at the American Music Awards with her brother Michael in 1975 to present an award, before she was famous.

3. At age 7, Jackson performed at the Las Vegas Strip at the MGM Casino.

4. In 2001, she was declared MTV’s inaugural icon and received a televised tribute, MTV Icon: Janet Jackson.

5. She is so talented. A singer, actress, songwriter and dancer, Jackson is a pro at all of these. Besides, she also learnt to horse at the age of 5.

6. Janet Jackson became a mother and gave birth to her first child at the age of 50.

7. She rejected a role in 1999 hit, The Matrix to go on a concert tour.

8. Her fourth studio album, Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 (1989) was the best-selling album of 1990.

9. The album received nine Grammy Award nominations, and she became the first female artist to be nominated for Producer of the Year in 1990.

10. Jackson was also listed in the Guinness World Records for Largest Recording Contract in 1991. Michael Jackson's Legacy Will Continue to Live On: Janet Jackson, 

These are only a few out of so many facts about the singer. She is born to rule the world of music. Jackson’s music has inspired musicians and continues to do so, with her powerful lyrics and impeccable performance. We wish the pop icon a very Happy Birthday, and hope she is staying safe at home.