Avengers: Endgame: Russo Brothers Explain Iron Man's Closing Scene in the Film, Call it a 'Natural Choice'
Avengers EndGame still. (Photo Credits: YouTube| Marvel)

Avengers: Endgame may have released last week but the film is still enjoying a lot of fanfare and love. The shows are still packed and the box office is ringing with massive numbers. The final instalment of the Avengers franchise has left fans wrecked emotionally, especially with the climax. It had been a long wait since Avengers: Infinity War and after all the fan theories and speculations, the film finally released and made every Marvel fan emotional. If you still haven't watched the film, consider this as a warning for there are major spoilers ahead in this story. After the film's release, directors Joe and Anthony Russo have been busy giving interviews and speaking about their future with Marvel. Avengers Endgame Box Office Collection Day 8: The Marvel Movie Holds Up Well on Second Friday, Set to surpass the Rs 300 Crore Mark in India.

In their latest interview with Entertainment Weekly, Russo brothers spoke about Iron Man's closing scene in the film and explained how it was a 'natural choice'. Speaking about bidding goodbye to one of the most favourite Avengers, Joe Russo said, "There are a lot of sick kids who really look up to that character, and it’s hard because we’re trying to tell a story about heroism. And sometimes heroism involves doing whatever it takes."

The directors were also asked as to how Iron Man's charter doesn't really get last words except for the pre-recorded message. The director explained that it was an emotional experience for actor Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man has been a personal journey for him and when the final moment came, the actor decided not to say anything at all.

Adding to this, Joe Russo said, "Not always in life do you get the moment at your death where you’re lucid and can have a really cohesive speech about what your life meant to you."

Avengers: Endgame released in India on April 26 and is currently running in theatres. The film's box office run has been unstoppable and now it has come close to the 300 crore mark at the India box office.