Avengers: Endgame Stars Leave Empty Seats for 'Fallen Heroes' at a Press Event - See Pics!
Avengers Endgame stars at press conference. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Avengers: Endgame is all set to hit the theatres this month and fans are eagerly waiting to kill these few weeks before bidding an emotional goodbye to their favourite superheroes. The film's promotions have begun and it has been fun what with the cast having the time of their life on the press tour. At a recent event in Los Angeles, the cast took to stage to answer questions by the media but what caught everyone's eyes was the different stage setup. The actors were seated with empty seats between them as a mark of respect for the 'fallen heroes'.

This sight is sure to get all the Marvel fans emotional. At the event, director of Iron Man and popular for his role in the franchise as Happy Hogan, Jon Favreau took to the stage to introduce the press conference reminding everyone that half of the superheroes were dead.  Road to Avengers EndGame: Our Pick of the Best Action Scenes in All 21 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies

Take a look at the pictures from the press event here:

Here are the empty chairs for 'fallen heroes':

If the posters released by Marvel which showed the superheroes who made it and those who didn't after Thanos'snap were any less, this was another level of depressing. After Avengers:Infinity War left everyone heartbroken after the loss o the f their favorite superheroes, the last film is set to show the remaining Avengers fight till the last straw against Thanos.

The last promos that were released by Marvel showed a few hints at what lies ahead. With the recent success of Captain Marvel making it to the billion-dollar club, we can only imagine what will happen with Avengers:Endgame. It has been one of the most anticipated films of the year and the pre-sale tickets are currently being sold for over $2000 dollars on eBay. How excited are you to catch this film?