Game of Thrones 8 Finale Leaks Were Spot on; Fans Furious Over the Accuracy
Photo Credits: HBO

Game of Thrones 8 aired its final episode today. The popularity of the show is an international phenomenon and, thus, one would expect extreme secrecy at the part of HBO. But, over the past few weeks, pages from the scripts and crucial video excerpts had been leaking online. Not just that pretty much all the plot points from the final episode detailing the character arcs were available on a text on Reddit. This won't be the first, in 11 years of TV history of GoT, that plot points leaked online. Often the leaked details turned out to be fake. But this time, the leaks were spot on. Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Gets Leaked Online and Why We Aren’t Surprised!

The leaked text revealed that Jon Snow will stab Daenerys Targaryen. Bran being made the king: check. Sansa Stark ruling Winterfell: Check. Tyrion Lannister being made the hand of the king: check. The Reddit leak, literally, had everything. Game of Thrones Season 8 Final Episodes Leak: Fans Irked With Conclusion In Ep 5 And Ep 6 Leaked Scenes, Say ‘Worst Ending Ever’.

Check out the post on Reddit, mapping out Game of Thrones details below:

Compilation of Spoilers for GOT Episodes 4-6 from r/freefolk

Of course, fans were disappointed that the leaks were true. Not only they hampered the viewing experience, but also they were not very good plot points to begin with. Well, at least that is what these people are saying.

And one more...

Let us get real

The leaks happened after showrunner being extra cautious. So much so that just to keep the plot points contained, HBO flew out actors and stunt doubles to shooting locations when they were not even in the scenes. We wonder if HBO is investigating as to how the leaks happened anyway.