Joker Sequel Is Happening! Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix Reuniting for the Second Installment of DC’s Super Villain Movie
Joker Movie Stills (Photo Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube)

Director Todd Phillips is likely to reteam with star Joaquin Phoenix for a sequel to the $1 billion-grossing R-rated hit Joker, says a source. Talk of the sequel has been rife since the film's critically acclaimed premiere at the Venice film festival in August, but confirmation has proved elusive, reports Joaquin Phoenix May Return as Joker as Todd Phillips Plans a Sequel for his Newest Directorial – Read Details.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, such a project is now in final-stage discussion, with the publication asserting that Phillips and Phoenix are "likely to reteam". The director will write the screenplay to the sequel along with co-writer Scott Silver, with whom he worked on the original's script, sources told the Hollywood Reporter. Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and Matthew Perry’s Chandler from Friends Have Crazy Similarities That Will Amaze You (Read Tweets)

The initial box office numbers scored by Joker were enough for Warner Bros to agree to Phillips's request to direct another DC Comics origins story -- tipped to be Lex Luthor. Batman is already being shot by Matt Reeves, with Robert Pattinson in the lead.