#MeToo In Hollywood: Lady Gaga Reveals The Dark But The Unstated Rule Followed By Predators!
Lady Gaga. (Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Just like more and more #MeToo accounts are put forth by many in Bollywood, in the distant land of Hollywood things are getting even more intense to carry forward this movement. Lady Gaga who revealed to the world for a very first time that she was harassed as a youngster. In the popular segment called The Round Table by The Hollywood Reporter, Gaga explained with great details how she would struggle with the issue of sexual harassment.

"When I started in the music business when I was around 19, it was the rule, not the exception, that you would walk into a recording studio and be harassed. It was just the way that it was. So I do wish that I had spoken up sooner. I did speak up about it."  List of Famous Celebrities Who Are Banned in China: From Justin Bieber to Brad Pitt These Are 8 Celebrities Who Are Not Allowed in China

 Gaga doesn't stop there. She also tries to decode the psyche of the predator by stating this."I was assaulted when I was young, and I told people. And, you know, there was a "boys club." Nobody wants to lose their power, so they don't protect you because if they say something, it takes some of their power away."

In another instance, Lady Gaga also made into the headlines after breaking down into tears after she honoured Bradley Cooper at the American Cinematheque Award Presentation in Beverly Hills for his accomplishments in Hollywood. During her speech, the six-time Grammy winner opened up about how her 'A Star is Born' co-star, helped her open up through her role!