Washington D.C: After singer Kid Rock slammed Taylor Swift with a sexist comment on her political activism, singer Kacey Musgraves came under fire for liking his misogynist missive. After being accused of liking the tweet, Musgraves set the record straight, saying she would never promote"disgusting misogyny. "Musgraves first told fans she had been off social media all day and her "account had been hacked" after a photo circulated on Twitter seemingly showing the singer had liked Rock's tweet. Taylor Swift on Vogue Cover: The ‘You Need to Calm Down’ Singer on Her Stand for LGBTQ Rights, Sexism Trump and More

She later said that she thought that her account had been hacked "until I fond out about the manipulated image." "Last week I was dragged because of how liberal I am and anyone that knows me knows how outspoken I am about equality and respect. I've connected with Taylor - she knows this is NOT how I feel and we are cool. That was a manipulated image, (I don't even follow Kid Rock), and I would NEVERRR support any message promoting such disgusting misogyny," Musgraves tweeted. Happy Friendship Day! Kendall Jenner – Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift – Selena Gomez : Meet The Most Stylish Hollywood BFFs

Swift acknowledged Musgraves' tweet by liking it. Kid Rock's tweet has rocked the micro-blogging website. Celebrities including Chrissy Teigen, Sheryl Crow, and Patricia Arquette slammed Kid Rock for "sexist, outdated thinking."Taylor Swift wants to be a democrat because she wants to be in movies period," he tweeted "And it looks like she will suck the doorknob off Hollyweird to get there. Oldest move in the book. Good luck girl."Rock's tweet came in the wake of an interview Swift gave to Vogue that was published on Thursday.

Kid Rock's Taylor Swift tweet

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In the interaction, the 29-year-old singer talked about her decision to speak out on LGBTQ rights, sexism in the entertainment industry and her USD 113,000 donation to the Tennessee Equality Project, reported Us Weekly."They don't call it 'Slate of Hate' for nothing," Swift said, referencing to the several bills in the 2019 state legislature that received flak from community leaders.