Arti Singh is upset that Sid during their fight uttered how she passes information from one group to another and is not trustworthy. Sidharth acts as if he is scared of Arti and screams that she will reveal raaz about him on the show. Amidst this, Rashami calms Sid down and tells that stop bothering her as she can get an anxiety attack again. 

New task gets announced namely Pokerstars. The task is as such that each inmate gets a poker card where there will be three facts mentioned about them. Two of the facts mentioned will be true while one will be false. It's Paras and Shehnaz who needs to guess the truth as well as the bluff. Among the two, the one who manages to get the maximum answers right is the ‘Best Bluff Catcher’ whereas the ‘Best Poker Face’ title will go to the person who manages to confuse and bluff either Shehnaz or Paras.

Arti Singh confronts Sidharth and tells him that even after seeing Bhau hiding eatables, if as a captain he does not punish him he is biased. To which Sid replies that she should mind her own business. The verbal fight gets so ugly that Sid tags Arti as a person who is confused in the ghar and passes information from one group to another.

Bigg Boss finally makes the announcement that either Paras or Asim needs to polish the dirty kicks. After quite a debate, Paras agrees to do the same and works on cleaning the dirty shoes. 

Bigg Boss then announces that there is something in the storeroom and it is a chunk full of dirty shoes. Until BB declares who needs to polish the dirty shoes, Sid approaches Rashami and makes her polish the kicks. 

As one of the fingers of Paras is injured, Sid tells Asim to wash the utensils for the day. To which Asim says that it's his and Paras' saaza and even Chhabra needs to help in while washing the utensils. This is the reason the two lads fight wherein Sid gets a bit loud. Asim finally goes and starts banging the utensils. Angry young man.

Majorly the inmates, take Paras Chhabra and Asim Riaz's name to be sent to jail. Amidst the same, Paras walks off from the living area making it evident that he does not want to go to jail. 

Bigg Boss gathers all the inmates in the living area and announces that they need to select two contestants for jail. But there's a twist, as since the contestants are taking the show lightly, Bigg Boss toughen up the jail saaza. So, the two contestants who will get selected for the jail punishment will have to take perform all the household duties and none in the ghar will do the daily chores from thereon. 

Sidharth and Rashami sit amne-samne and talk their heart out with each other. Sid really gets close to Desai and confronts that 'no girl is like her'. To which Rashami blushes. Aww! Well, is this a new love story brewing in the ghar? 

Shehnaaz Gill and Asim talk about the last night's fight between him and Paras. Sana tells that she totally feels for him as no one should ever comment on someone's lifestyle. She also adds that Chhabra has a good heart though. To which Asim replies to her by saying that he has 'kala dil.' 

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Last night's Bigg Boss 13 episode saw Asim Riaz and Paras Chhabra getting into a war over a soap bar. While the verbal and abusive fight did start with on a simple issue, it ended on a rather ugly note. During the tiff, as Asim provoked Paras, the latter in return commented on the former's lifestyle and social status. That's not it, as the J&K model gave an earful to Paras for being insensitive. Now, let's talk about tonight's episode, going by the updates online, Paras will be the highlight of the day. Bigg Boss 13: Gauahar Khan Comes Out in Support of Asim Riaz After Paras Chhabra Takes a Jibe at His Financial Status.

As the majority of the housemates will nominate Paras and Asim's name for the jail. While Asim will obediently go behind the bars, Chhabra, on the other hand, will refuse to go to jail. Well, you are in the Bigg Boss house and no one is bigger than the show. And so Bigg Boss will punish Paras and will give him a chunk full of dirty shoes to polish and clean. Well, better was jail right, Paras? Stay tuned to LatestLY for all the deets from Bigg Boss 13Bigg Boss 13: Paras Chhabra Gets Punished, Cleans and Polishes Dirty Shoes After Refusing to Go to Jail (See Pic).