Game of Thrones' Twitter Handle Tweets 'Winter Is Coming', Fans Have A Few Theories And SOOO MANY JOKES
Game of Thrones 8 episode 2 (Photo Credits: HBO)

Game of Thrones' final season is a memory that not many fans will be willing to relive. The season tested the love and patience that the fans had the HBO series. There are multiple spin-offs from the show in the pipeline post the conclusion. One spin-off has been revealed to be titled House of the Dragons. Now, a new tweet by the Game of Thrones' official handle has left the fans in a frenzy. 'Winter is coming', the handle posted Those three words have been a symbol of dread ever since the show began airing, tying in with the plot. Emilia Clarke Says She's Had to Fight Over Nude Scenes in Other Projects After Makers Pressurised Her Saying Not to Disappoint Game Of Thrones Fans.

But the winter has come and gone. So, why were those words tweeted now? Fans have their theories. Most unbelievable one is that there is a season 9 on the way. Don't get excited guys. It is just not possible. But as long as we are hoping, we'd like to put in our card. Maybe the makers are remaking the entire season 8? House of the Dragon: HBO Announces Game of Thrones Prequel and Excited Fans Go All ‘Dracarys’! (View Tweets).

Nevermind. Check Out Some Tweets Here:

Targaryen Prequel?

And from here onwards it was all jokes. And memes. And ocassional reminders how bad season 8 was.

And more

Leave us alone

Yes, exactly

Well, the most relevant theory might be that winter, as in the season, is actually coming given it is November, in some parts of the world. So, this tweet might simply be a reference to that? Whatever it is, this tweet was a reminder of the painful memories.