Karan Oberoi Shares His 'Traumatising' Experience in Jail, Says He Now Wants to Fight for Voiceless People
Karan Oberoi, who has been alleged of rape and extortion, granted bail. (Photo Credits: File Photo)

Television actor Karan Oberoi, who was arrested by Mumbai police last month for allegedly raping and blackmailing his former girlfriend, was granted bail by the Bombay High Court on June 7. Meanwhile, the 34-year-old woman has been arrested by Mumbai police for not only allegedly lodging a false case of rape and extortion but also orchestrating an assault on herself on May 25. Well, Karan, who has been granted a Rs 50,000 bail, is finally out of jail and talking to Bombay Times, the actor shared his 'traumatising' experience. Karan Oberoi Rape Case: Actor’s Lawyer Writes To Police, Says ‘Will Sue You For Shielding Accused If Probe Isn’t Carried Out Effectively’

The actor told the leading daily, "I was put in a circular barrack on the first floor, occupied by 92 inmates. The gates of the barracks are kept open for a few hours in the morning so that you can walk around and stretch in the passage. You are not allowed to step out of the barrack and can’t even see sunlight. I spent my time reading books and writing one, too. In fact, I am in the process of finishing a book on my experience inside the jail. I saw a lot of people, who don’t have any support, suffering in jail. I don’t want anyone implicated in a false case to languish in jail, just because they don’t have the resources to secure a bail." Karan Oberoi Rape Case: Actor-Singer’s Father Admitted Due To Ill-Health!

Speaking to the daily, the actor also shared, how this experience has changed him as a person. Talking about his mission, Karan added, "Now, my mission is to fight for these voiceless people. I want to ensure that no human being suffers as I did. The system and process need a lot of reformation and corrective measures, and I will fight for that. The experience could have made me bitter, but I am grateful that it has made me hopeful and gentler. The support that I received from people outside helped me pull through."

After Karan was sent to judicial custody, many celebrities came out in support of the actor and started #MenToo movement. Since Karan has emerged as the poster boy of the #MenToo movement, he was asked about his views on whether this movement could hamper the #MeToo movement. Talking about it, the actor opined, "I have been an advocate of both. The #MenToo movement is about justice and equality. In fact, it complements #MeToo. Take my case, for example. The whole episode was most traumatic for my mother and sister. #MenToo is the need of the hour. A society thrives when everybody lives in peace and harmony." Karan Oberoi Rape Case: The Singer-Actor and Band of Boys To Perform At #MenToo Rally on June 15!

He further added, "#MenToo stands for the fact that if you file a false case, you can get into trouble because every person who gets away with leveling false charges will encourage others to follow suit. When it comes to the #MeToo movement, I will fight for it shoulder-to-shoulder, but don’t persecute an innocent man and put him behind bars, because the agenda then gets diluted. That’s the point we are making with this movement. If we are suddenly going to answer years of patriarchy by creating an imbalance in the equation between men and women, we are asking for trouble. It will create discord between men and women."

Speaking of gender equality, the actor said, "How would I know that the next woman I meet can be trusted and how can I safeguard myself, will be the questions that will haunt every man. This movement isn’t just about men, but about gender equality. In any case, people who are severely affected are the women in the family. Our empathy is towards the pain and not the gender." Karan Oberoi Granted Bail in the Rape Case

He further added that these charges were more damaging to his mind than his career. Talking about his future plans, Karan said, "As far as the latter is concerned, I am doing fine, because offers are already coming in. I want to take my time to evaluate every offer. Meanwhile, I will continue writing my book. Besides, #MenToo is a mission I am not giving up on. In fact, nothing will take a back seat, be it singing, acting, writing, producing or directing."

For the uninitiated, Karan Oberoi was arrested on charges of rape and blackmail by a fashion designer-and-healer. According to the victim, the actor was in a relationship with her since 2016 and he established physical relation with her on the pretext of marriage. However, Oberoi, in his bail application, had stated that the victim is an astrologer and both of them met in August 2016 through a dating app. Watch this space for further updates.