Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai February 6, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Will Kirti Learn the Truth About Her Baby?
Will Kirti Learn the Truth About Her Baby? (Photo Credits: File Photo)

Today’s episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai starts with Rukmini telling everyone that till Kirti gets well we can give her Naira’s baby and tells that it is her baby. Suhasini shouts at Rukmini for talking like this, everyone gets angry with her. Naksh tells that what is real is real and that we have to accept it and tell that he will console Kirti and that he will not take Naira’s baby from her and that she should not be sad. Naksh tells that he will take care of Kirti. There Kirti in her room is asking for her baby. Kartik and all the family members pray in front of God for Kirti’s health, Devyani and Kaveri say that give us all strength to forget all and carry on. Naira (Shivangi Joshi) tells that everything will be fine and they all do aarti together. Kartik is asking God what he should do now and says that he will tell the truth to Kirti and goes to her room. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai February 5, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Kirti Comes Out of Coma, Claims Naira and Kartik’s Baby is Hers

Kartik (Mohsin Khan) holds Kirti’s hand and tells that this all happened in our life and that she is fine now and that he has come with a lot of courage to tell her the truth and says that her baby. Kirti asks how she looked, did she looked like her or Naksh, as he only saw her. Naksh and all come up and hear their conversation and feels sad. Kirti tells that she heard the doctor and nurse talking about her baby. Kirti tells that she was feeling little dizzy still remembers a little. Naksh comes close to her and tells that they have thought they will not say her but it is true. Kirti says that it is her fate and that no one can change it. Kirti says that she always used to say that happiness comes and goes soon from her life.

Naira tells not to talk like this. Kirti says that she is happy for everyone that all are fine and that Naira’s baby is also fine. Kirti tells Naira to show the baby to her. Naira keeps the baby beside Kirti and she asks the baby’s name, Naira tells it is Krish. Kirti says that she heard this name and has got up. Naira tells that Kartik has told to keep this name as she likes it. The baby starts crying and holds Kirti’s hand. Naira takes the baby and goes. Everyone tells Kirti to rest and goes from there. Kirti cries after all are gone and says my baby and asks God why he did this to her. Kartik comes in the room and sees her sleeping and kisses her forehead and says that he loves her. Kirti says that she also loves them all and does not want everyone to know about it.

Meanwhile, the nurse who is taking care of Kirti comes there and asks how many days old the baby is, Leela tells that he is two weeks old, the nurse asks this baby was premature but it does not look like it, Leela says maybe because of doctor’s medicine and family love he looks fine now. Naira hears them talking. The nurse says that premature baby’s skin and health is so different but Leela says she does not know all that. The nurse goes to attend Kirti. Naira comes there and asks Leela is it true that premature baby skin is different. Leela says it is not like that and if it would be the doctor would have told her. Naira says she is mad as to why she is thinking all that and smiles.

Kartik and Naira are making the baby sleep. Naira tells that now Kirti is well and that she is so happy and tells that Kirti is in a lot of pain but she does not say it and says when Krish was away for few seconds she thought she will die. Naira says sorry to Kartik that she repeated the whole thing again. Naira tells that they should celebrate as all the happiness is back. Kartik asks her what they should do, Naira tells the baby, let papa decide what to do. Kartik tells that he wanted to give Naira some happiness which he could not give her and takes her to the kitchen and makes tea for her (kayal jab tera aata hai track is played in the background). They get intimate with each other and hug each other. Kartik says to himself that he will not think about this now and will see what will happen and says he will give all the happiness to Naira and the baby.

Suhasini is telling everyone that today is the eleventh day from the day Kirti has got up and that she had prayed to God for that. Kartik also says that now Kirti is fine and with little support, she is able to walk around in the house. Manish tells Kartik that they are going to the office and will he join them. Suhasini tells that she thought they should go to meet Kirti and suddenly they see Kirti and Naksh at the door. They all feel happy. Naksh tells that Kirti requested that she wanted to come here. Luv and Kush tell that they will play a board game with them. Naira gives the baby to Kirti to hold, she feels happy and plays with him. In the precap, Kirti is telling that she Naira that she felt that when she was in the coma Kartik was asking forgiveness from her.