“People are my passion and purpose. It’s as simple as that.”

These are words from digital agency owner and founder Jay Jay, when we asked him why he runs an agency that helps entrepreneurs grow their influence online. “I love inspiring people and showing them that they can do more. I love helping people become the best version they can be of themselves.”

Jay Jay is a social media agency owner that founded his agency after his speaking career was put on hold due to the pandemic. Prior to that, he was traveling the world as a successful speaker, speaking for Fortune 500 companies and on other well known stages. But when everything shut down, Jay Jay had to find something else to do.

“At first it was a bit scary. I lost 14 contracts overnight,” he shares. “But as I thought about what else I could do, I just knew it had to do with people. People are my passion, and I love helping others reach the goals they have for their lives and for their business.”

The decision to start a social media agency stemmed from Jay Jay’s past as a speaker and magician. He had originally started his career years ago in magic before becoming a speaker, and grew his YouTube channel to over 400,000 subscribers and 57 million views, as well as grown his Instagram to 1 million followers.

“I already have experience and success with social media. I know how things work, and because the entire world revolves around social media right now, I figured helping entrepreneurs get big online was a great way I could be of service.”

Jay Jay’s decision proved to be a good one, because his agency quickly grew and began to see great success with clients. “We’ve already helped hundreds of personal brands in over twelve countries, which is amazing. We have also helped clients get verified on social media and got them millions of followers.”

He also says that the most rewarding thing is when clients come to him sharing how their businesses began to grow after working with his agency. “Clients often come to me sharing how their posts are attracting attention on the ‘explore page’ on Instagram, and how they have doubled and often tripled their income since starting with us.”

Jay Jay’s goals with Ace of Spades agency is to eventually go global and have offices all around the world, helping millions of passionate entrepreneurs become successful and leave a legacy on the planet.