Since work from home knocked on our doors and stayed for longer than expected, the concept of work-life balance has become out of sight for professionals. However, when you are an entrepreneur, be it work from home or working from the office, burnout is almost inescapable. So as an entrepreneur, how is it possible to get your business off the ground while not driving a wedge between your business and personal life?

As the line between work and personal life continues to evaporate, Denise Borrelli, a Productivity Strategist, Marketing Mixologist, Online Educator, Serial Entrepreneur, Women’s Empowerment Enthusiast and a mom of five, knows how juggling through meetings and balancing them with personal life is a tough nut to crack. With her experience, she's got some of her own secrets of excelling as a mother and wife and also, as an entrepreneur.

Don't just cut in half, try to blend!

You can't slice your life in half but you can establish a schedule that bifurcates your responsibilities according to what you need to prioritize. If we cut out the heart of the issues, it's unrealistic to think that your work life is completely separate from your personal life. In fact, Denise explains how you can sometimes blend your business with your family and friends. The digital world gives countless opportunities to entrepreneurs to finely create a little "personal touch" to their personal brand by involving their friends, family and kids on their social media profiles. Today, entrepreneurs in the digital world have successfully attracted eyeballs by introducing their families and their wellness routines to their customers and followers. According to Denise, "It's amazing to let the world know who are the biggest supporters in your personal life."

Keep it simple, let technology play its game!

Fondly called "Simplicity Queen" of the industry, Denise explains that balancing work with personal life can be done by embracing the right technology around us. She says, "We tend to by nature want to overcomplicate things. The solution for your clients or yourself should be simple to keep you eased up in your work life." If you are struggling to manage the stringent deadlines, simply set your timers, use software to track progress, leverage the efficiency of the digital world etc., for easing up things for yourself.

Roll out the power of negotiation

When you feel you are constantly worrying about juggling between two priorities, it's time to negotiate! As much as Denise loves to coach her mentees, she believes in approaching work and life through a concept. She believes that it is okay to not worry about managing a work-life balance. Sometimes we give more to work than usual, so it is okay to give a little less on the other days. What remains unsaid through all of this is that people must understand the concept of work-life negotiation and implement them as and when needed.

Blending your work and life is a complete mindset. As an entrepreneur, if you think your leisure time is a reward for the work you have done so far or spending time into your professional life is taking away your leisure time, then it might be even tougher to achieve balance. Denise says, "Let that passion flow in your entrepreneurial life, your careers and your personal life in equal amounts. Working with a notion of work-life balance is a myth, let's rather try empowering your personal life with the same energy as you try for managing your profession."

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