In the mortgage market, fully employed people are more likely to get approved for the capital they want and need, whereas entrepreneurs and investors often struggle to get that approval. It turns into a vicious circle that often holds professionals back from achieving goals and pursuing their passions. While traditional banking institutions don’t offer these professionals many convenient or beneficial options, one company is making a name for itself in the mortgage market, and it’s all because of the innovation and effort of a former loan officer.

Pip Dhaliwal is the founder of Freedom Capital, the only licensed brokerage in Canada dedicated solely to the alternative mortgage market. Before starting the full-service commercial brokerage, he worked as a mortgage officer in a standard bank and quickly noticed the need for alternative solutions in the mortgage market. It inspired him to make a much-needed change in the industry, bringing forth convenient options for people with non-traditional income sources, including investors and entrepreneurs.

“During my work as a mortgage officer, I noticed a lot of entrepreneurs had goals that they wanted to achieve but couldn’t because they’d get turned down for the lending needed to make it happen. I got tired of seeing these constant setbacks that these professionals had to deal with because they weren’t fully employed and didn’t have lengthy employment history or a ton of money. The fully employed individuals had no problem getting loans from the bank, but others couldn’t just because they didn’t meet certain requirements,” shared Dhaliwal. “It was then that I decided to take steps to open Freedom Capital. What sets us apart from other companies is that we’re true specialists in alternative and commercial financing. It’s a line of financing that is most important to us, so we live and breathe it. We know the ins and outs and are ready to provide the assistance that people need. We provide one of the largest pools of alternative funding in the country!”

Providing alternative financing was Pip Dhaliwal’s mission. He knew that developers, realtors, builders, and self-employed people could all benefit tremendously from what a company like Freedom Capital could offer, which is why he took the necessary steps to open the business and begin offering the unique products that clients need. “We offer unique products that cater to the borrowers who wouldn’t necessarily fit into the conventional financing box to receive the loans needed to follow their dreams. We know that the traditional institutions are typically only paying attention to credit history and net income instead of gathering more important and valuable information on applicants,” said Dhaliwal. “So, we came up with a solution to that problem. We take an innovative and creative approach to what we do, making sure to provide our clients with quick and easy access to the money they need to pursue their passions and have more success with reaching entrepreneurial goals.”

His extensive knowledge, innovative mindset, and collaborative efforts have allowed Pip Dhaliwal to create a business that continues making a name for itself throughout Canada. The alternative lending solutions provided can change many lives by making funding easier to obtain than it’s ever been when dealing with traditional banking institutions.