The history of perfume is a reflection of humanity: a means of exchange, a protection against disease, a potion with divine virtues, which reflects society. With perfumes, you can create a story through a scent, which means your perfume can help you create memories and make you feel emotions where the smell of a certain perfume can take you back to a time in your life giving you a nostalgic feeling. Locherber Milano, a luxury lifestyle and fragrance brand with a commitment to keeping Italian talent alive, prides itself in being high quality and revolutionizing the perfume experience for an everyday consumer. Locherber Milano uses delicate scents that define perfection.

Locherber Milano belongs to Cosval, a company founded in 1972 by the Baerlocher family who originates from Switzerland. Today, it is a third generation of entrepreneurs led by Stefano and Brigitte Baerlocher who are rearchitecting luxury by highlighting the overlooked: Italian history, craftsmanship, and design.

The Baerlocher family achieved their status by differentiating their product line from competitors. By creating products that have the ability to create fruitful memories that exhibit emotion, elegance, and sophistication. There are so many competitors in the market, but Locherber Milano are bottled with cutting edge patented design bottles that are enriched with registered design lids made out of a variety of different types of rare woods and marbles from around the world, making them unique pieces of work.

Locherber Milano has deep reverence for the environment. By using wood that most brands would consider throwing away, they showcase their commitment to preserving the environment. Their fragrances take people back to a time and place where one can uncover gems of ingredients around the world, such as Dokki Cotton from Egypt, Linen Buds from Italy, and Malabar Pepper from India. To further cement their prominence in the luxury space, Locherber Milano products are bundled in aesthetic quality paper, packaging, and gift boxes. Overall, the brand conveys luxury not only within their product line, but also within the presentation of their fragrances. Each product conveys a unique way to feature handmade accents whether aged by driftwood from the sea, or by exquisite glass.

Originating in Milan, Locherber Milano is committed to keeping Italian artisanal talent and craftsmanship alive. Priding itself on being completely authentic and “100% made in Italy”, you’ll find unique diffusers and candles that will take you on a unique scented journey.