Tim Barnes, who has always strived for excellence in academics as well in extracurricular activities is one of the best examples of a bright student. Tim Barnes, also known by the name Timothy Jacob Barnes, is a professional basketball player who has excelled in academics as well as sports in school. The American professional basketball player who plays for Lalqueria Del Basket is an alumnus of Southland College Prep Charter High School in Richton Park, IL.

After becoming the first student in school history to earn an athletic and academic scholarship, Tim created a rage with his extraordinary skills in the game. The school created an exclusive scholarship named the ‘Tim Barnes Scholarship’ in 2020 in partnership with the man himself. The $1,000 scholarship was specially created to reward the deserving students who can lead the race in the classroom as well as any particular sport of their choice.

Tim graduated with a score of 4.1 GPA and was also a member of the National Honor Society. Along with it, he was the captain of the basketball team where he set the school record for points, assists and three-pointers. Through this scholarship program, he has become a pioneer and is setting an example for the current generation and the coming generation. The main goal of this scholarship program is to inspire students to be the best version on the field.

Moreover, with this program Barnes has brought a significant change in many students’ lives who have always aspired to play sports at a level beyond high school. Speaking about it, Barnes said, “Sports is still considered as a second priority when compared to academics. Without the proper grades, a career in any sport becomes even more slim and unlikely. But, I believe that sports activities and academics should be given equal weightage, and the kids that can balance it the best are usually the ones who excel in the future.”

Last year, Tim was eligible for the NBA draft, but declined to enter due to personal reasons. At a very young age, Tim Barnes has become the motivational force for all aspiring basketballers. His love for the sport has even grabbed the attention of many brands like McDavid USA, The Hooplife Brand, Gasavio and Powerhandz. Lastly, the sportsman emphasized the need for balancing the importance of studying as well as focusing on sports activities.

In his words, experts are not the ones who are pros in one particular field; but they have knowledge about everything that happens on the field and off the field. Intending to make students prosper through his scholarship program, Tim Barnes is clear about his message of educating students about studies as well as sports. What a great move made not only by Tim himself, but by the school to properly propel these students into their future.