Maharashtra Man Commits Suicide: Gets Electricity Bill of Rs 8.54 Lakh, Which is an Error!
Suicide (Photo Credits: Pixabay/Representational)

In a shocking case, a man in Maharashtra has recently committed suicide over  receiving an electricity bill of Rs 8.54 lakh. According to a report on OneIndia, the victim identified as Jagannath Nehaji Shelke, reportedly hung himself in the early hours of Thursday as he was distressed over the bill, which was a mistake on the part of the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company (MSEDCL).

As per the report, a bill of Rs 8.64 lakh after consuming 61,178 units of electricity was charged to him, however, after his death, MSEDCL officials claim that it was an error and the actual consumed units should have been 6,117.8, and the amount would have come to around Rs 2,803.

Reportedly, Shelke made several visits to the electricity department, but all was in vain because he was not offered any help. Frustrated, he decided to take the step. Along with the suicide note, which stated his state of mind, over the high bill since the household consumed electricity worth around Rs 1,000 on an average every month.

The family members of the deceased have demanded that they would not cremate him, till the officials responsible for the tragedy are arrested under the charges of abetment to suicide.