Decapitation: Grave Medical Negligence at Rajasthan’s Ramgarh Hospital, Baby Split Into Two Halves While Being Pulled Out of the Womb During Delivery
Baby Split Into Two Halves When the Doctors Forcefully Pulled Out Only the Torso of the Infant and Left the Head Inside the Womb. (Photo Credit: Pexels For representational purposes only)

Rajasthan's Ramgarh saw a dreadful case of medical negligence that has induced fear all across the country. A woman's baby was split into two halves while being delivered at a government hospital in the area. The mother reportedly Dikhsha Kanwar's was undergoing delivery at the government hospital in the Ramgarh area of Rajasthan where the doctors pulled the baby so forcefully that they only pulled out the baby's torso leaving inside the head of the baby. Medical Negligence in Kolkata: Woman Infused With Blood of Wrong Group at Columbia Asia Hospital.

However, what was even worse was that the people at the hospital kept the family in darkness about their baby and didn't tell the family about this grave mishap. It was when the mother's health began to deteriorate that they referred the woman to Jodhpur hospital citing other medical reasons. However, the doctors at the Jodhpur hospital found it very difficult to comprehend the case, but managed later figured out that the head was still inside the mother's womb, as per reports by News18.

The case shocked the family soon after which the doctors of Jodhpur hospital tried to contact the medical officer in charge Dr Nikhil Sharma from the Ramgarh hospital. However, they claimed that the baby was born dead and that since they were facing trouble in the delivery and didn't have enough medical facilities in their hospital that they referred the patient to the hospital in Jodhpur.

For the doctors at the hospital in Jodhpur it was next to impossible to believe whatever he said; however, they handed the head of the baby to the family who then went ahead to file a complaint against the Ramgarh hospital to the police station. The polices somehow managed to recover the body of the baby and handed it over to the police.

A criminal case has been lodged against the hospital and both the halves of the body has been sent for postmortem. This case of medical negligence has horrified the people across the country.