New Delhi, February 11: The government of India conveyed to Twitter leadership that the manner in which Twitter officially allows fake, unverified, anonymous and automated bot accounts to be operated on its platform, has raised doubts about its commitment to transparency and healthy conversation on this platform.

According to an ANI update, the IT Secretary expressed his deep disappointment to Twitter leadership about the manner in which Twitter has unwillingly, grudgingly and with great delay complied with the substantial parts of the order. Koo, The Indian Home Grown Social Media App Has Chinese Roots; Co-Founder Aprameya Assures Chinese Investors Shunwei Will Exit Fully.

He took this opportunity to remind Twitter that in India, its Constitution and laws are supreme. It is expected that responsible entities not only reaffirm but remain committed to compliance with the law of land.

Twitter cannot allow misuse of its platform for an anti-India campaign

Referring to the "toolkit" shared by teen climate activist Greta Thunberg, the IT Secretary said that Misuse of Twitter's platform for execution of such campaigns designed to create disharmony and unrest in India is unacceptable.

Twitter said on Wednesday it has taken action on more than 500 accounts and reduced visibility of some hashtags in India to comply with “several” orders from the Indian government after New Delhi threatened legal action against Twitter executives.

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