Hardik Patel Shuts Down Gujarat Whenever He Wants to, Is He Hitler, Asks Man Who Slapped the Congress Leader
Tarun Gajjar (Photo Credits: ANI)

Ahmadabad, April 19: The man, who slapped Congress leader Hardik Patel during a rally in Gujarat, said that his family members had suffered because of Patel and slapping him (Hardik) was the only way to take a revenge. According to a tweet by ANI, the man, identified as Tarun Gajjar, said his wife was pregnant when Patidar agitation and the family had faced several issues then. It was in 2015 that Patel emerged as the leader of the Patidar agitation demanding reservation for the community in the state. "My wife was pregnant when Patidar agitation happened, she was undergoing treatment at a hospital, I had faced problems then, I had decided then, I'll hit this man. I have to teach him a lesson anyhow", Gajjar added. Hardik Patel Slapped at Jan Akrosh Rally in Gujarat While Campaigning for Lok Sabha Elections 2019; Watch Video. 

Gajjar further added saying that, a similar incident happened again during Patel's rally in Ahmedabad. He stated that when he had gone to get medicine for his ailing child, all the roads were shut. "During his rally in Ahmedabad when I had gone to get medicine for my child, everything was shut down. He shuts down the roads, he shuts down Gujarat whenever he wants to, What is he? Gujarat's hitler?", Gajjar added.

On Friday, Hardik was slapped when he was addressing a gathering at the Jan Akrosh Sabha in Gujarat's Surendranagar. Hardik was in the middle of his speech when the attacker got on to the stage and slapped him. Following the attack, a scuffle broke out between the supporters of Hardik and the attacker. The Congress leader later filed a police complaint.

It was on March 12, that Patel officially joined Congress in Ahmedabad in the presence of party president Rahul Gandhi and senior leader Mallikarjun Kharge. Polling in Gujarat will be held on April 23 for the 26 Lok Sabha seats at stake. Counting of votes will take place on May 23.