New Delhi: The India Meteorological Department (IMD) today issued the second stage of long-range forecast update for the 2020 Southwest Monsoon (June-September) and said the monsoon will be normal this year.

While addressing the press conference Dr M. Rajeevan, Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences said, “We have good news, we will have normal monsoon this year, quantitatively, monsoon will be 2% more than what was expected in April, i.e. 102% of long-period average”. Monsoon 2020: Country to Witness 'Normal' Rainfall Between 96% to 104% of LPA , Says IMD in Long Range Forecast Weather Update.

All the main factors required for the onset of monsoon have been satisfactory. We have hence declared the onset of monsoon in Kerala, Dr M. Mohapatra, Director General of IMD informed.

Dr Mohapatra also said, “Depression over East-central and adjoining Southeast Arabian Sea was centred at around 690 km from Mumbai in south-southwest direction today afternoon. Will transform into a deep depression tonight and into a cyclonic storm tomorrow”.

Highlights of the Forecast Update:

1. Rainfall over the country as a whole for the 2020 southwest monsoon season (June to September) is most likely to be normal (96% to 104% of the long-period average (LPA).

2. Quantitatively, monsoon season rainfall for the country as a whole is likely to be 102% of the LPA with a model error of ±4%.

3. Region-wise, the seasonal rainfall is likely to be 107% of LPA over North-West India, 103% of LPA over central India, 102% of LPA over South Peninsula and 96% of LPA over North-East India, all with a model error of ± 8 %.

4. The monthly rainfall over the country as a whole is likely to be 103% of its LPA during July and 97% of LPA during August, both with a model error of ± 9 %. Nisarga Cyclone Tracker: Cyclonic Storm to Turn Into Severe Cyclonic Storm by June 3; Check Forecast and Day-Wise Movement.

5. Currently, ENSO Neutral conditions are prevailing over the equatorial Pacific and Neutral IOD conditions are prevailing over the Indian Ocean. Global models are indicating cool ENSO conditions are likely to prevail during the monsoon season with some possibility of development of weak La Niña conditions in the latter part of the monsoon season.

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