New Delhi, September 13: There is no ban on clicking pictures or selfie and videography onboard the flight for passengers, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) clarified on Sunday. The clarification came a day after the DGCA warned of action against airlines if anyone is found taking photographs inside the plane. The aviation regulator had asked airlines to take necessary punitive action against those found clicking pictures inside the aircraft.

The DGCA in its clarification said: "It is clarified that a bonafide passenger travelling in an aircraft engaged in scheduled air transport services may do still and video photography from inside such an aircraft while in flight; take-off and landing." "However, this permission does not include use of any recording equipment which imperils or compromises air safety; violates prevalent norms; creates chaos or disruption during operation of flight or expressly prohibited by crew. Action may be initiated against those persons found in violation of above guideline," it added. Media Frenzy on Kangana Ranaut's Flight: IndiGo Responds After DGCA Notice Over Onboard Chaos.

No Ban on Clicking Pictures Onboard Flight For Passengers: DGCA

On Saturday, the DGCA passed an order under which airlines could face two-weeks suspension of scheduled flight operations on routes if anyone is found taking photographs inside the plane. "It has been decided that from now on, in case any violation (photography) occurs on any scheduled passenger aircraft – the schedule of flight for that particular route shall be suspended for a period of two weeks from the next day (of the incident)," it had said.

The Saturday's order stated that as per Rule 13 of the Aircraft Rules 1937, no person is allowed to take any photographs inside a flight except when permission is granted by the DGCA or the Civil Aviation Ministry. "In spite of these regulations, it has been noted that at times, the airlines have failed to follow these stipulations primarily because of lack of diligence on their part,” the order had noted.

"Needless to say that such deviations result in compromise in maintaining the highest standards of safety and therefore, is not to be allowed,” it had mentioned. The DGCA had issued the order after it found alleged violation of safety and social distancing protocols by media persons in the airline’s Chandigarh-Mumbai flight that had actor Kangana Ranaut as a passenger.

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