New Delhi,  October 20: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Tuesday. He asked the citizens to strictly follow all the precautions and guidelines against COVID-19, as the country gets ready for a back-to-back festival season.

PM Modi appreciated the selfless  contribution of citizens in the fight against COVID-19 and said that India is doing far better than many other developed countries of the world. He also assured that, as and when, the COVID-19 vaccine is ready it will be made available to all the citizens promptly. PM Narendra Modi to Address Nation at 6 PM Today, Says 'Will Share a Message With Fellow Citizens'.

Here are biggest takeaways from his address to the nation today:

Modi said owing to the festive season markets are flooded with people but we should keep in mind that "lockdown chala gaya hai, virus nahi gaya hai." (lockdown has ended by the virus is till there)

He said that due to consistent work of our citizens, India is in a much stable state and we should be careful not to worsen it, but try to improve it. Our recovery rate is good and the fatality rate has reduced.  He said in comparison to Brazil and the USA where around 25,000 per 10 lakh people are infected with the virus, India has only 5500 COVID-19 patients per 10 lakh citizens. The death-rate in India is 83 per 10 lakh patients, in countries like Brazil, Spain, Britain etc., the rate is more than 600.

He praised India for been able to save lives of more COVID-19 patients in comparing to various resource-sufficient countries. We have 90 lakh hospital beds devoted to Corona patients, more than 12,000 quarantine centres and 2000 COVID-19 testing labs. PM Narendra Modi Addresses The Nation Ahead of Dussehra, Diwali, Eid And Other Festivals: 'In Festive Season, Remember...Jab Tak Davai Nahi, Tab Tak Dhilai Nahi.'

Modi claimed that the increasing population of the country has been a big strength in India's fight against Coronavirus. He said the Indian nurses, doctors, security forces are selflessly offering their service to fight against virus following the mantra of "Seva parmodharama." (Service is the highest duty)

He cautioned the countrymen to be careful of the virus and follow precautions strictly, as one person going out without the  mask is a threat to his entire family. Modi warned against the relapse  of the COVID-19 cases in the USA an various European countries.

He quoted Saint Kabir Da, "Pakki kheti dekh kar garv kiya kisan, aajhun jola bhaut hai ghar aave tab jaan." (We see a good harvest in the field and become over-confident that our work has been successful, but till the harvest reaches home work is not finished.) Until a proper COVID-19 vaccine is made, our fight against the virus should not lose its momentum.

Entire world is working to combat the virus at war-footing, even our country's scientists are working day and night on the vaccine. Some of them are in their advanced stages . He assured that the government is gearing up to provide the vaccine to each and every citizen as soon as it comes.

Quoting Ram Charitra Manas, Modi said, "Repu Ruj Pawak Paap,Prabhu aahi ganai na chotakari" (Fire, enemy, mistake and disease should not be taken lightly.)  He emphasised, "Davai nahi toh dhilai nahi" (Until there is no medicine we should not become careless about COVID-19)

PM Modi extended his wishes to Indians on occasion of various festivals, Navratri, Dusshera, Id, Diwali and Gurupurab and asked  everyone to take proper precautions against COVID-19.

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