PMS Saves Woman! Rajasthan High Court Acquits Accused for Killing Child As She Was PMSing
Court Order Representational Image (Photo Credits: pixabay)

New Delhi, August 6: The Rajasthan High Court on Monday acquitted a woman accused of murdering a child and the reason for committing the heinous crime will shock you! According to a report by News 18, the reason for committing the heinous crime was that the woman was suffering from ‘insanity triggered by Premenstrual Stress Syndrome’ or PMS. Reports inform that the accused, identified as Chandra, had pushed three kids into a well as the syndrome made her extremely aggressive. Although two kids were saved, one of them drowned and lost his life.

As per the judgement copy by Livelaw, the trial court had earlier convicted the woman under sections 302, 307, and 374 of the Indian Penal Code. The Court had also ordered the woman to undergo life imprisonment under section 302 with a fine of Rs 100 and four years of rigorous imprisonment under section 307 with a fine of Rs 400, LiveLaw informed.

The report further adds that the trial court was requested that the woman was suffering from a ‘mental disease’ known as Premenstrual Stress Syndrome which made her dangerously angry some days before her menstrual cycle. While the Court acquitted the accused of all charges, the bench said that though the laws in India were not developed enough on PMS being set as the defence of insanity.

According to a report by News 18, a bench comprising of Justice Mohammad Rafiq and Justice Goverdhan Bardhar took note of this fact after three doctors deposed in the case and also examined their statement after reading various books on the disease. Reports inform that when doctors were consulted to know details about the syndrome, a doctor who had treated the accused said that ‘some women do not remain normal’ in the days preceding their cycle.

An article on PMS published in the Duke Law Journal was quoted by the bench which said that Premenstrual Stress Syndrome (PMS syndrome) is a disorder afflicting many women and the symptoms of PMS syndrome include excessive thirst and appetite, bloating, headaches, anxiety, depression, irritability, and general lethargy.