Punjab, October 6: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi while addressing questions from the media in Patiala said that PM Narendra Modi is only concerned about his own image. He asked the journalist "Do you know why China was able to take away a part of our land? It is because China knows that the person who is sitting at the top position, just cares about his image."

Further accusing Prime Minister he said that Modi is only obsessed about his own image and not bothered about anything else that is happening in the country. He even questioned the media on why can't they ask PM Narendra Modi to address their questions via a press conference. "What is he afriad of?," asked the Congress leader. Rahul Gandhi Hits Out at Modi Govt For Removing Document on Chinese Intrusions in Ladakh From Defence Ministry's Website, Tweets 'PM Lacks Courage to Even Name China'.

Rahul Gandhi Accuses PM Narendra Modi of Being Obsessed About His Own Image, watch video:

Commenting on what he was doing abroad when the farm bills were passed, he said, "My mother had gone for a medical check-up and my sister couldn't go with her as few members of her staff had COVID-19. I was there with my mother, I'm her son also after all and have to look after her.

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