New Delhi, March 3: In India, the rainfall in the month of February 2021 has been the sixth lowest since 1901, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said on Wednesday. According to the latest report by the National Weather Forecasting Centre of the IMD, the rainfall over the country as a whole for the month of February 2021 was recorded at 7.6 mm. The figure is 68 % less than its Long Period Average (LPA) of 23.5 mm, making it the sixth-lowest February rainfall since 1901. The IMD report also stated that February 2021 also witnessed heavy rainfall events over few stations in South Peninsular India.

Meanwhile, the rainfall in India as a whole for the winter season 2021 shows that the country recorded 27.8mm which is 32% less than its Long Period Average (LPA) of 40.8 mm. "Rainfall over South Peninsular India (56.1mm) during the season was fourth-highest since 1901 after the years 1901 (61 mm), 1986 (59.9 mm), and 1984 (59.2 mm)", the report said. Weather Forecast: Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and the Other Northeastern States of India To Witness Rainfall, Thunderstorm, and Lightning During Next 4–5 Days. 

The average maximum, average minimum and mean temperature for the country were above normal by 0.77 degrees Celsius, 0.80 degrees Celsius, and 0.78 degrees Celsius respectively. The average maximum and mean temperature over Northwest India as a whole during February 2021 were 24.4  degrees Celsius and 16.92 degrees Celsius respectively. The maximum and mean temperatures over Northwest India exceeded the normal during February (by 2.94 degrees Celsius and 2.11  degrees Celsius respectively, second warmest since 1901).

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