Hottest October Since 2015 in Mumbai, Says IMD
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Mumbai, October 9: 'Maximum City' Mumbai is reeling under the growing temperature and Mumbaikars are having to deal with intense October heat, as the weather continues to rise northwards. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has now confirmed that this is the hottest October in the past three years. The officials also added that Mumbaikars may get a respite from the October heat in a week or so. Global Warming at 1.5°C: Rapid, Far-Reaching Changes Needed, Says IPCC.

Bishwombhar Singh, the IMD Director Scientist (E) said that there is nothing unusual about the month of October registering high temperatures. The scientist was quoted by the Indian Express saying that this year, due to an anti-cyclone, the entire coast line in Maharashtra has seen less moisture and sea winds. Instead, the strong easterly winds in Maharashtra is responsible for the hot winds coming from the land to the coastal areas. UN Body's Crucial Report on Global Warming Impacts in October.

On Monday, Mumbai experienced the temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. It was the highest temperature in October, recorded in the past two years. Before this, the highest temperature was in October 2017 which was 36.6 degrees Celsius. That was October 27, 2017. In 2016, October 21 registered 35.5 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature in October before Monday was 38.6 said Singh.

Meanwhile, the state is taking measures for dealing with heat waves. The Maharashtra Emergency Medical Services (MEMS) have issued an alert to doctors in 108 ambulance helpline regarding the matter. However, there has been no case of hospitalisation in regard to heat waves.