New Delhi, June 15: After bringing heavy rainfall into most parts of India, the progress of the southwest monsoon has slowed down, a recent forecast by the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said. Monsoon 2021 has so far advanced into most parts of the country. In its all-India weather bulletin, the IMD said that the monsoon activity is expected to be slow due to the approaching westerlies winds. Monsoon 2021 Forecast: Maharashtra Braces for Heavy Rainfall Till June 15, Southwest Monsoon Advances Towards North India.

"Due to approaching of mid-latitude westerlies winds further progress of monsoon over remaining parts of northwest India is likely to be slow. The progress of monsoon is being monitored continuously and further update will be provided on daily basis", the IMD said in its weather forecast bulletin.

Southwest Monsoon 2021 Coverage in India so Far:

  1. Southwest monsoon 2021 has so far advanced into entire peninsular India; east-central; east and northeast India and some parts of northwest India.
  2. The monsoon progressed very quickly over most parts of the country in the span of only 10 days. This was mainly due to active monsoon circulation and the formation of a low-pressure area over the Bay of Bengal.
  3. The northern limit of monsoon (NLM) is passing through Diu, Surat, Nandurbar, Bhopal, Nowgong, Hamirpur, Barabanki, Bareilly, Saharanpur, Ambala and Amritsar.
  4. So far, southwest monsoon has hit Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, parts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra, parts of Gujarat and Rajstham.
  5. The southwest monsoon had advanced into the remaining areas of Odisha, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar, along with the entire Western Himalayan region and most parts of Uttar Pradesh.
  6. The Northern Limit of Monsoon runs through south Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, north Punjab and north Haryana.

When will Monsoon Reach the Rest of India:

The westerlies winds have slowed down the progress of the southwest monsoon in several parts of India, majorly in northwest India. Monsoon is not likely to hit Delhi in the next two days, the IMD said. The weather agency had earlier predicted that the wind system may reach Delhi by June 15, which is 12 days early. Normally, the monsoon reaches Delhi by June 27 and covers the entire country by July 8. However, this year, monsoon has been delayed due to the westerlies.

Giving details about the monsoon activity in other parts of India, the IMD said that widespread rainfall with thunderstorms and lightning is expected over most parts of East, Central and Northeast India during the next 4-5 days. However, heavy rainfall is likely over the region during the next 3 days, and isolated extremely heavy falls also very likely over Bihar on June 15.

The weather agency added that very heavy falls, thunderstorm and lightning is very likely over Konkan & Goa, Karnataka and Kerala during next 3 days and isolated extremely heavy falls also very likely over Konkan and Goa and Coastal Karnataka on June 15.

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