India Today Karnataka Elections 2018 Opinion Poll Results: Survey Says, Congress Single Largest Party With Hung Assembly
Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018, the Model Code of Conduct to come in force from Tomorrow| File Image|(Photo credits: PTI)

New Delhi, April 13:  According to a survey conducted by the India Today Group for the upcoming polls in Karnataka, results indicate a hung assembly in the state with Congress emerging as the largest party. The India Today- Karvy insights opinion polls was conducted over a month and gives a clue about the all important upcoming polls in the southern state. The survey makes it clear and predicts that no party will gain majority in the state. The Karnataka Assembly has a total of 225 seats will elections taking place for 224 seats as one MLA happens to be a Governor's nominee as the seat is reserved for Anglo-Saxon community. If the poll is to be believed, no party is reaching the magic figure of 112 seats required for majority in the house. Catch Latest News Updates on Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 Here.

The incumbent Congress Party, which is in power in the state under the leadership of Siddaramaiya, is predicted to win anywhere between 90 to 101 seats in the state election. The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) has been running an aggressive campaign in the state with Yogi Adityanath, party president Amit Shah and other important leaders having visited the state.  The BJP, which wants to dismantle the Congress Party and throw it out of power will have to be content with anywhere between 78 to 86 seats.

The opinion poll also predicts that the HD Deve Gowda's Janata Dal (Secular) will be in the position of kingmaker in Karnataka. The JD(S) which is in pre-poll alliance with the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has chances of winning 34 to 43 seats, according to the survey. Vote Share indicates that Congress will receive 37 percent of the votes and the BJP is expected to corner 35 percent votes in the state. The increasing vote share for the BJP does not translate into a victory for the Saffron party. The Karnataka Assembly elections are scheduled on May 12 as it is a single phase election and the result for the same will be declared on May 15. Out of the total number of people interviewed/referred for the opinion poll, 62 percent came from rural areas and the remaining 38 percent were urban citizens.