Who is Cherokee Dazz?

Cherokee Dazz is a celebrity adult entertainer hailing from Los Angeles, California. She is nothing short of confident, vivid and boisterous. She is admired by millions of people all around the globe because she inspires self-esteem.

We are honored to interview her and understand her journey:

Hi Cherokee & Welcome To Yahoo!

How did you start in your industry?

I responded to an ad and didn’t know it was porn. I thought I could do some porn to pay the bills plus I had a regular job already. I started making more money then my regular job. I quit my regular job started 1 of my websites. I then started another website and started getting booked for events. I started directed and producing my own content for my websites. I been in the game since 03 and still blessed to be here.

Who inspires you?

I inspire myself

What is your favorite thing to do?

My favorite thing to do is spend time with my 2 doggies

Whats the end game for you?

Its no end game in me . I am gonna continue to build new businesses

Who would you collaborate with if you could?

If I could collaborate with anyone I would say I already collab with who I wanted to already