Humans are often easy at speculating things rather than conversing about the realities. Therefore, whenever we say entrepreneur its interpretation directly docks on the terms like profit, turnover, luxury and the cliff where they reside. Their drawbacks are short-lived discussions. 

Being a director of Costafx Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Sahil Ali certainly discerns the hurdles that are confronted by every entrepreneur. He, therefore, openly talks about these setbacks in this article which should hereinafter guide the beginners and startups. 

1 Funding 

Sahil believes funding to be the biggest challenge faced by any type of businessman. Without capital, not even a leaf moves. Where some entrepreneurs are well off to construct their business, come unstuck with funds and face complications in nurturing their ideas. 

2 Allocation of money and other 


The next conundrum is determining the flow of cash. Sahil believes that liquid cash flows away real quick. Entrepreneurs are sometimes baffled with where to invest these funds to acquire maximum profit. 

Besides money, resources also become a primary factor of allotment. With scarce resources disturbed cash on hand, entrepreneurs all end up in a disturbed mind-state. 

3 Hiring people 

Finding the favorable people for the right task is one of the diligent jobs that entrepreneurs undertake. The success or failure of the business partially banks on the expertise provided by these people and if a businessman fails to rely on the right hand, he losses his business too.  

4 The business idea

Yes, the idea or product of the business is what hunts the entrepreneur a few times. Sahil explains how unique and realistic ideas have managed to sustain the market. Therefore, when an entrepreneur designs his idea of business, he should be very precise about the market, its people and their demands.

5 Dealing with uncertainties 

“The market isn’t static all the time, there are highs and falls. Being inconsiderate about these will prove to your greatest setback,” says Sahil. Unseen trends can numb the brain of a businessman. However, one can be slightly prepared for further bombshells. 

Sahil started trading at the age of 13. Today, at the age of 20, he directs the entire company. His devotion, perseverance, inquisitiveness and vigilance made him the man he is, a true businessman.