India's Top Media and Marketing platform for pet businesses, DogExpress, shares its plans for the upcoming years and reminisces about its journey on the sixth anniversary. They continue to rule the Indian Dog Media and News Industry six years in a row. DogExpress is India's largest dog community, with over 5,50,000+ followers and 10 Million+ reach on social media. Nevertheless, they still keep true to their roots, with compassion and love for dogs being their primary catalyst for their ever-growing brand. The motto of celebrating dog love (#CelebratingDogLove) reflects across their social media channels and website.

Chan Chawla launched DogExpress on November 10, 2015, dedicated to his love for his pet dog "Romeo" on his birthday. He started this venture to help pet parents like him become better dog owners. On DogExpress's sixth anniversary, he is proud to announce that DogExpress has become that exclusive and most trusted platform where dog lovers and owners can find all kinds of dog-related information in one place.

Talking about DogExpress, Founder Chan Chawla said, "Passion towards building a better world with dogs has helped DogExpress become the favorite website of dog lovers across India and the World. You know, the concept of a first-ever one-stop dogs-related search engine seemed quite far-fetched in 2015. But here we are after six years, with an established niche and stand out as the best dog website in India. In fact, we are the only site in India that covers daily dog news and even ranks as the best dog news website in India. Today, we reveal our plans for the upcoming years and how we will help pet parents have an enriching parenting experience on our platform."

Building the Perfect (360°) Pet Parenting Experience

DogExpress has always been a user-focused brand with unconditional love for dogs at the core. They will now offer every piece of information a pet parent will need all-in-one-place. They already offer detailed information on dog breeds, lifestyle, dog training, and dog health and well-being.


They are calling it the 360° Pet Parenting Experience. It includes the best dog products and services, reviews, and recommendations. They will also provide dog services business listings (Vetted by DogExpress) that include vets, clinics, shops, taxi services, dog walking, sitting, dog-stays, travel/hotels, and more. In addition, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) information for daily dog care, grooming, and more comprehensive dog breed information will also be a highlight on their website. Currently, they are offering senior dog care information, guides, along with tips on how-to-care for puppies. Additionally, they will provide more information on dog adoption, buying, kennels, shelters, and breeders information woven into the search experience. They are also setting up a Q&A section, forum for responsible pet parents to collaborate.

Giving It Back... For The Love of Dogs

They are dedicatedly involved with local pet NGOs and volunteer groups. Moreover, they donate 20% of their advertising revenue to animal welfare causes.  They have also supported many causes: Feed The Street Dogs, Street Animals Rescue, Mobile Vet Clinic, Stray Dog Adoption Drive, and Local Dog Sterilization Drive.


Brand Collaboration & Advertising

They offer exclusive advertising opportunities on their platform. They had close to 3,00,000 page views last month and recorded over 1,00,000 new users. DogExpress is now one of the hottest and go-to platforms for Indian pet startups and global pet brands. Some leading brands they have collaborated with are PetParents®Brand, MakeMyTrip, AlephPublishing, Wagr,,, Pawstro and Vanigo.

DogExpress is the country's most visited media platform for dogs. It is managed by a nimble and passionate team and is digitally powered by the IT Global Solutions company, Primotech. Chan Chawla is also the Founder & CEO of this technology firm, and it offers offshore software design, development, and online marketing services.

DogExpress Facts:

  • DogExpress social media reach is over 10 Million with over 5,50,000 followers.
  • DogExpress website gets around 1 Lakh, new users every month.
  • It was established in 2015, and its current revenue model revolves around advertising and marketing.