The two significant traits of any entrepreneur are leadership and responsibility. A responsible entrepreneur knows how to sail through the boat of hardships and tough times. One such primary example is Akshay Aggarwal, a serial entrepreneur who has always been like a pioneer for his employees and team. According to Akshay, teamwork and joint efforts can make any company a massive success.
During the challenging times like COVID-19 when every business and company was battling hardships, Mr Aggarwal utilized his time in learning new concepts that could benefit his business.
With a minimal staff at his company, the young entrepreneur made sure that nobody suffers during such dire times. An ardent fan and believer of the quote “The show must go on”, Akshay Aggarwal did not stop and relax during the time of lockdown. Besides being a leading food services provider in the NCR region, Akshay Aggarwal’s liquor business, a legacy set by his family did wonders during the lockdown.
“To keep myself up to date with the market trends, I invested my time in learning digital media and social media marketing. It has always been on my mind to scale my business digitally, and there was no better time than the period of lockdown to learn new skills”, revealed Akshay.
With a recent spike in coronavirus cases in the country, Akshay Aggarwal is following all the safety protocols and is making sure that his work flows smoothly. During this time, he has even conceptualized and thought of expanding his business into different fields. Speaking about it, he said, “Now is the time to ideate and strategize on what can be done in the coming time. Once the situation from the pandemic improves, I aim to execute all the business ideas and bring them to life.”
With the situation being not so better, the entrepreneur has kept his plans on hold of expanding his business. However, his business is running successfully in New Delhi, and the young and passionate entrepreneur aims to take his work in India’s financial hub Mumbai and overseas once the situation gets back to normal. Dedicating his time and putting in the efforts to bring novelty to work, Akshay Aggarwal is putting in his all to take the businesses to newer heights.