The hardships in life are the lessons that teach you to stay strong. Chase Campbell’s life journey as an entrepreneur is a prime example that teaches to face all the obstacles and convert them into opportunities. It was in 2011 when he was in high school and his father lost a job. The devastating phase saw Chase and his family becoming homeless after which they stayed at his aunt’s house in a single room.

Things took a toll, but he never lost his faith and at the age of 19, he started on his journey to becoming an entrepreneur. Amidst the teenagers, who earned money by peddling drugs, Chase understood the concept of drug dealing and executed the idea in a legal field. He started to deal in supplements where he saw the scope of making good profits then.

After understanding the nutrition market, Chase founded Size Up; a leading supplement and apparel brand which has its great presence online and has 8 offline stores across the USA. While 6 stores are in Michigan, the other two stores are located in Florida and Las Vegas respectively. To build a strong customer base, Chase started selling genuine supplement products below the market rate which increased his business. Taking his business online, he even sold products on eBay and Amazon with getting more than 100 orders in a single day. However, there was hardly any profit margin left for him due to the marketplace commission. Later, the entrepreneur launched his own website and an offline store where he started selling products.

Chase played it smart by promoting his offline store with having its grand opening. Offering free merchandise and Size Up tees, the marketing strategy worked in the brand’s favour. The brand has everything to offer, be it BCAA, whey proteins, fat burners, pre and post-workout supplement and other fitness equipment. Size Up which offers the best supplements at the lowest prices have a family of 90K followers on Instagram.

Speaking about his journey, Chase said, “I am thankful for all the times that it didn’t come easy. Most importantly I would like to thank my friends and my family who have constantly supported me in this journey. My journey is going strong and I cannot imagine doing anything without passion.” Despite having major roadblocks in his way, Chase Campbell has truly been inspiring every aspiring entrepreneur on how to build their own empire.