It is the festival season. Karva Chauth is here and it is considered to be one of the very special festivals amongst married women. Of course, thanks to Bollywood, the festival has been immensely romanticised, we can't deny that this fast does capture love and devotion. On this day women observe Nirjala (without water) fast for the long life of their husband and apart from that they also follow the solah shringar ritual that includes a 16-step beauty regime to look their traditional best.

Only after Maa Parvati and Ganesha are worshipped throughout the day women break their fast after sighting and paying obeisance to the moon with a decorated Karva Chauth thali and chalni. The day is deemed incomplete without the solah shringar ritual. If you don't know about it fret not, we have for you a list of the ingredients aka samgri that includes in the Karva Chauth solah shringar aka the sixteen-step makeup beauty and style routine.

Karwa Chauth 2020 Solah Shringar Samagri

Right from red coloured saree or lehenga, sindoor, mangalsutra, bindi, nathni, kajal, gajra, mehndi to ring, bangles, earrings (earrings), maang tika, waistband, armlet, bichuwa (toe ring) and anklet, the list includes everything you'll need to get ready from top to bottom.

Here's a complete list and their significance: 

1.Red Attire

It can be your wedding dress also if you want the trend is quite popular in North India. In Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, since yellow is considered auspicious, the bride is dressed in yellow, orange or red coloured sarees. In Maharashtra, green colour is considered auspicious.


Bindi is the piece of forehead adornment, derived from the Sanskrit word Bindu, dot. You can go for simple kumkum or vermilion. It is considered a symbol of family prosperity. You can also go for designer ones matching your saree colour.


In almost everywhere in North India, sindoor is considered as a symbol that differs married women from the unmarried ones. You can go for the liquid or powder sindoor.


Kajal aka kohl not only enhances the beauty of the eyes, but is said to protect the bride and her family from the evil eyes of the people (buri nazar)


Solah shringar is incomplete without mehndi. Women apply mehndi on their feet and hands. It is believed that the darker the henna stain, the more the love from the husband. Check out: Karwa Chauth 2020 Mehendi Design Images: From Quick Arabic Style to Gorgeous Full-Hand, Easy Mehandi Patterns to Complete your Solah Shringa. 


6. Gajra

A fragrant flower garlan worn to adorn the hair aka gajra is said to be an important component of the solah shringar. In South India, women use garlands of Harsingar flowers in their hair every day. Gajra is also one of the important components of the 16 adornments on Karva Chauth.

7. Mang Tika

Mang Tika enhances the beauty of the face on the one hand, while it is also considered a symbol of good luck.

8. Nath

It is believed that wearing a Nath aka nose ornament, woman help protect the health and wealth of the family.

9. Earrings

Earrings form an important part of sixteen beauty adornment routine. Most women wear gold earrings on this day as it is considered auspicious.


You can go for a Mangalsutra or even a haar aka necklace, it is considered to be a symbol of commitment. It is also considered a symbol of good luck.

11. Alta

Alta is the red liquid use to make designs on the feet. It has special significance and is also considered necessary on Karva Chauth.

12. Bangles

Bangles aka choodiyaan are also considered very important on this day.

13. Ring

A Ring is considered as an integral part of 16 makeup. You can wear your wedding ring or any other ring you like.

14. Waistband

Also known as kardhan, the waistband symbolizes leadership in married women to take charge of the house.

15. Toe Ring

This ornament worn like a ring in the toe and is also called Arsi or bichua.

16. Payal

It is believed women should not have their feet empty and must adorn it with traditional anklets on their feet aka payal.

Watch Video: Importance of Solah Shringar On Karva Chauth

Happy Karva Chauth to one and all. While some people love the idea of fasting for Karva Chauth, some don't find it comfortable. Since it is a fast that includes you not drinking any water, you might want to not beat yourself to it and make a decision wisely.

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