Kim Kardashian Celebrates 146 Million Followers on Instagram in a Dress That Resembles A Booger
Kim Kardashian Booger Dress (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Kim Kardashian runs the fashion industry at this point. Everything she touches becomes an Instagram obsession. From makeup to outfits, the reality star is taking over the place. But from time to time, Kim wears somewhat questionable things. And not only Kim, the entire family. The topic of interest today is another dubious outfit. As Kim Kardashian celebrated her 146 million followers mark, the dress she wore in that post looked like a booger. Kim Kardashian Shares Throwback Pics for Her 90s Makeup Range, but It’s Her Undie-Flashing Low-Waist Baggy Jeans That Got Us!

Kim Kardashian West is all set to launch her new products for KKW beauty. While everyone is in awe with Kim's attractiveness for the campaign, there’s one thing we notice on her timeline and can’t help but ask ourselves; what is that thing? Kim walked out in her signature style of the season, half-up ponytail with straight hair and a tiny bag in her hand. But no matter what the rest of the look had, we can’t take our eyes off the dress she wore. Kim Kardashian's Post On Sister Kylie Jenner's 22nd Birthday Is HOT and Sweet! (View Pic).

Kim Kardashian Celebrating 146 Million Followers and the Booger Dress


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Here’s to 146 million! Thanks guys!!!! What type of content do you like best? Selfies? Family pics? I’m curious

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The dress had unusual cuts in strange places, and it was confusing to the eye. We’ve seen cuts around the cleavage to add pizazz, but we’ve never seen slits and holes by the armpit. Sure, the dress highlights her curves beautifully, like every other outfit of hers, but we can’t help but see the resemblance with booger when we look at this dress. And not only weird, but this dress also looks unbelievably uncomfortable. No hate to Kim, but there’s hardly anything nice to say about this entire look.