Ghatasthapana 2018 Date & Shubh Muhurat: Kalash Sthapana Timings and Puja Vidhi to Start Navaratri Festival
Ghatasthapana Puja Vidhi in Hindi (File Image)

Navaratri – Festival of Nine Nights dedicated to the absolute divine form, Goddess Durga will begin on October 10 (also the Ghatasthapana 2018 date). With this Navratri falling post-monsoon (Sept-Oct), it is also called Sharad Navaratri. Devotees will be performing a number of important rituals on the first day of Navratri 2018, and one of them is Ghatasthapana, also known as Kalash Sthapana. It is done to invocate Maa Durga and her nine avatars to dwell into their homes and lives for the nine-day Navaratri festival. And as it is the case with every Hindu festival and religious events, fasting worshippers will perform Ghatasthapana on shubh muhurat (auspicious puja timings) knowing Ghatasthapana puja vidhi in Hindi (puja ceremony rituals and procedure) with correct Kalash Sthapana samagri (puja items). It is essential to do Ghatasthapana without any mistake as it may earn them the wrath of Devi Durga. Navaratri 2018 Dates & Tithi Calendar: Shubh Muhurat & Time for Puja and Aarti During Nine-Day Sharad Navratri Festival.

What is Ghatasthapana or Kalash Sthapana?

Ghatasthapana also known as Kalash Sthapana or Kalashsthapana is a significant ritual performed during Navratri. It means installing Kalash (a clay or metal pot). It marks the beginning of the festival – Navaratri cannot begin without the performing the Ghatasthapana puja. It is so because the invocation of Navadurga is done by this ritual. Goddess Durga is invited to reside in the Kalash and bless the household to carry the nine-day festival without any difficulty. Navaratri 2018 Day 1 Shailputri Puja: Worship the First Form of Goddess Durga With Mantras This Navratri.

Ghatasthapana Date and Shubh Muhurat for Navaratri 2018

Understanding the importance of Ghatasthapana during Navratri puja, well-defined rules and guideline based on epic scriptures are followed for ages. It is said that if Ghatasthapana is done at an inauspicious time or a mistake in the following ritual might bring the wrath of Maa Shakti. So please take note of Ghatasthapana shubh muhurat for Navaratri 2018 carefully.

Shubh (best time) to do Kalash Sthapana is in the morning, precisely the first one-third of the day while Pratipada (first day of Navratri) is prevailing. You may also do it during Abhijit Muhurta, if fail to perform puja during morning time. Ghatasthapana is never done during the night time or Amavasya. It is strongly advised to avoid Nakshatra Chitra and Vaidhriti Yoga though not prohibited. According to Drik Panchang, Ghatasthapana Shubh Muhurt is 06:22 to 07:25 on Pratipada Tithi. The duration is of one hour and two mins.

Kalash Sthapana Samagri – Puja Items for Ghatasthapana

The items you will need to do Ghatasthapana is -- a wide clay or metal pot, clean soil, Sapta Dhanya or seven different grains, small clay or brass pitcher, holy water or Ganga Jal, marigold and other flowers, garland, durva grass, moli/kalaya or sacred coloured thread, perfume, supari (betel nuts), coins, a five-leaved branch of Mango or Ashoka tree, unpeeled coconut, rice as Akshat and red cloth to wrap coconut.

Ghatasthapana Puja Vidhi in Hindi

Step 1 – Begin With Kalash Preparation: Take the wide clay pot and sow the grains (Sapta Dhanya). One needs to do this by sowing grains in three layers of soil. Now take the small brass pitcher or Kalash, tie the sacred thread (moli) on its neck. Fill it with holy water or Ganga Jal, put supari, coins, perfume, akshat and durva grass. Put the mango or ashoka leaves and place the coconut (after wrapping it with the red cloth and moli). Now take this Kalash and place it in the centre of the wide clay pot with soil and seed.

Step 2 – Invocation of Goddess Durga: Pray to the almighty Goddess Durga to accept your invitation of gracing your household with her presence. Say Durga mantra and aarti to invocate Maa Shakti and her nine manifestations to reside in the Kalash for the period of the next nine days.

Step 3 - Panchopachara Puja: Panchopachara Puja means worshipping Goddess Durga with five puja items after she has been invocated. For Panchopachara Puja, you will have to light a diya, show it to all the deities, burn incense sticks and again show it to the Kalash. Offer flowers to the Goddess residing in the Kalash, offer scent. At the end offer Naivedhya comprising fruits, sweets and other prasad. One must also sing Durga aarti and Navratri bhajans and mantras to please Durga.

After successfully doing Ghatasthapana Puja, you should worship the first form of Maa Durga – Devi Shailputri. She is worshipped on the first day of Navratri. For Shailputri Puja, offer the goddess red cloth as she associates with the crimson colour. You must offer her jasmine flowers. Chant Shailputri Puja mantra, Navratri aarti and mantras to complete the puja on the first day.