With the onset of spring, here we are, captivated with the colourful festival of Holi. Just as the bright flowers begin to blossom in the season, the festival of colour symbolises fun and frolic. With Holi 2019, it is time for us to get drenched in hues of love, passion and happiness. Any festival in India is the most fantastic excuse to host a party at your house with all near and dear ones. It may be a short holiday, but you can make it worth the while. To all of you who are planning to organise a Holi 2019 party, we bring you amazing and unique ideas to set it right. And the tips are great if you are on a budget. Happy Holi 2019 Wishes in Advance. 

Holi is all about letting your hair and going all crazy in colours. The more, the merrier is the ultimate golden rule that you should follow for your Holi bash. No one likes to be alone during any festival and let us admit, a celebration of Holi outside, at strangers’ party is not safe as well. Hence, it is better to invite your favourite people under one roof during Holi 2019. Below are the unique ideas to host a perfect Holi party this spring. Why These Eight Days Before Holi Are Considered Inauspicious? Know Its Significance. 

1. Colourful Invites

Holi is the only time that allows you to ditch the formal invites and go extreme creative. First, figure out the number of guests you intend to invite. Now choose between printed or handmade design. Honestly, go for handmade invitations. After all, it is the best excuse to show off your creative sight. Plus, it is budget-friendly too, so a big thumbs up! And don’t forget to attach a packet of gulal. Holika Dahan 2019 Date and Shubh Muhurat. 

2. Holy-Themed Decorations

Having your party area well-decorated provides a perfect ambience for Holi celebrations 2019. And you do not have to go extra. Beautiful multi-coloured paper lanterns, balloons, streamers and some fresh flowers are all you need to spruce up the place. Just keep it organised, and you are all set to welcome your guests.

3. Colour-Vigour

Holi is necessarily all about colours, but you also need to plan which form of it you choose for your party. Instead of going for the pukka or hard-chemical tones, opt for organic colours. After all, it is the festive mood that adds real enthusiasm to the celebrations. And nobody wants to experience the post-Holi pain of removing the hard-colours that harm the skin. Know The Schedule of Holi Festival Celebrations in Religious Towns of Mathura and Vrindavan in UP. 

4. Holi Special Music

No Holi party is complete without the Holi-special music. And our very own Bollywood has never upset us. Set your speakers and select the best Bollywood Holi songs on your playlist to play them at the party. If you want to go full desi, Dhol beats played at regular intervals can also add enough thrill while shaking the legs with your family and friends.

5. Dress Code

Gone are the days when we dressed up in shabby old clothes to play colours. Keeping a dress code will make the festival of colour more charming. The colour white is always famous for slaying in all the Holi parties. Since all the colours will get showcased the best in white outfits, ask your guests to wear cotton non-expensive white clothes for your Holi party. You can keep different crops such as scarfs of the same colour for both ladies and gentlemen attending your themed party.

6. Street Food for Taste Buds

After a fun Holi party for hours, one works up a huge appetite. Of course, the theme has to be Indian, and if it is street, your Holi party will be cherished for a lifetime. Street foods are delicious, easy to make and serve. So, why not! Chole bhature, pav bhaji, pani puri, chaat and so many would definitely make people drool at your party. If the budget allows you, hire a caterer to serve the food. Otherwise, arrange for self-service!

7. Bhang ka rang

Well, since it is an adult party, Holi will be incomplete without drinks. To enhance the fun of the colourful celebration, you can have an assortment of drinks at the party. Having bhang or thandai at the party venue is the most famous Holi celebration ideas that you can incorporate into your party. And if you are bored of plain bhang, prepare for some exciting cocktails keeping bhang as the main ingredient. However, our favourite recipe is sweet Thandai. How to Make Dahi Bhalla Easily at Home?

These are a few best Holi 2019 celebration ideas. Take tips from the above and keep it natural as far as possible so that everyone can enjoy your 2019 Holi party to the fullest. After the fun frolic bash, do not forget to keep all the trash in the trash bins and keep the leftover colours for future use. Happy fun and safe Holi everyone!

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