International Carrot Day 2020: From Easy Carrot Cake to Gajar Ka Halwa, Delicious Recipes You Can Try at Home During Lockdown
International Carrot Day 2020: From Easy Carrot Cake to Gajar Ka Halwa (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Carrots are more than just Bugs Bunny's favourite food. It is a vegetable packed with amazing nutrients having a delicious taste and crunchy texture. Carrots are way healthier than you may think, it has a whole day dedicated to this root vegetable. Also known as, International Carrot Day, April 4 is dedicated to this orange-coloured veggie. For all the carrot lovers all around the world, Carrot Day was founded in 2003 to spread awareness about carrots and its eye-opening health benefits. International Carrot Day 2020: From Healthy Heart to Good Eyesight, Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Eat This Root Vegetable. 

However, if you do not like carrots raw, you can try a gamut of fun recipes. Especially for the kids, who hate eating carrots, you can sneak it in quick food recipes this International Carrot Day 2020. Right from being loaded with fibres, the veggie is great for your eye health. It is also known to boost your heart health. So why miss out on these benefits.

Carrot Cake

Who doesn't like carrot cake? It is soft, moist and full of flavours. It is also easy to make and is one of the most loved desserts. The recipe suggests that you can make it in flavours of vanilla, cinnamon, almond or oranges. Watch video:

Gajar Ka Halwa

No Indian household can do without Gajar ka halwa. This mouth-watering Indian delicacy is made out of grated carrots, condensed milk and all kinds of dry fruits. Here's a full recipe of Gajar ka halwa:

Carrot Pickle

If you want to make something out of carrots that will last long, you can store it as pickles. Here's a desi recipe from India's grandma:

While these recipes may have other ingredients that aren't otherwise considered healthy. But if eaten in small portions, these recipes won't lead to weight gain. Moreover, you can also switch some ingredients like sugar for jaggery to lower the calorie count.