World Chocolate Day 2018: Love Chocolates? Do Not Miss on These Absolutely Chocolicious Instagram Accounts
Happy Chocolate Day everyone! (Photo Credits: Public Domain Pics)

Is #ChocolateIsBae your motto in life? Do you believe chocolates are the most amazing thing that has happened to mankind? Well, you have landed in just the right place. We decided to give you a little visual treat on World Chocolate Day, with this list of Instagrammers you need to follow for your daily dose of #ChocoLove. But let us warn you that what you are about to witness will tempt you into a major chocolate binge!

David Chow: @davidhchow

Canada-based pastry chef and chocolatier David Chow’s Instagram account is a work of art! His chocolate based desserts look so perfect that you wouldn’t be able to stop admiring them though totally wanting to binge on simultaneously.

HawtChocolate by Christina: @chocolateloversclub

The page is run by a self-proclaimed chocoholic - Christina, who regularly posts and reposts pictures, videos and recipes of chocolates. Her account is a perfect mix of all kinds of chocolate-related posts.

All Things Chocolate: @all.things.chocolate

There is enough chocolate on this page to make you go insane. We bet you can’t scroll down this Instagram account without drooling.


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Who would you share this with?

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Cake Cookies and Chocolate : @cake_cookies_chocolate

Cakes, cookies, donuts, pastries, choco balls, ice cream and shakes – this Insta account has got chocolate in all possible forms! Based in Sydney, this account, in partnership with Lick Your Phone, is a heaven for chocolate lovers.

All About Chocolate: @chocolate_videos

If you are obsessed with chocolates, this should be your go to place. This Instagram accounts, lives up to its name and posts the most awesome chocolate videos.

Yes or too much? 😍 @byigorhealthy

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I am speechless 😍 @cafedelight__

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This mix 😍😍 who wants this egg? @imperiodoce_

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Sauce, syrup, bar, brick, bread, drops, chips - chocolate in every form is equally enojayble and tempting. Don't you agree? And that is probably what makes it the most loved confectionery. It also has many variants like - dark chocolate, white chocolate, pink chocolate, milk chocolate to name some.  Check out these mouth-watering 20 pictures of chocolate-based desserts.

Tempted much? Go get your self some chocolates, eat and share and spread the love. After all, chocolate is a life essential. 🍫🍫