Durex Singapore Recalls Its Ultra-Thin 'Real Feel' Condoms Due To Quality Concerns
Durex is recalling three batches of the Real Feel condoms (Photo Credits: Twitter, Durex)

According to media reports, Durex Singapore has recalled three batches of its Real Feel condoms –1000433144, 1000438055, and 1000422259– after the contraceptives failed in the durability test. The products were recalled on August 1 because the condoms didn’t withstand its “shelf-life durability tests.” The move comes days after Durex UK and Ireland recalled the same brand of condoms for similar concerns. The company was apprehensive that the condoms may split during using after they failed the burst-pressure test.

The company website says that the ultra-thin condoms are made of a technically-advanced non-latex material (polyisoprene), which will give a natural skin on skin feeling for a “more intimate experience” during sex. But unfortunately for the brand, the condom proved too thin to withstand its durability tests.

Here's a tweet featuring the company's advertisement:

Durex reached out to the consumers through a statement on its website saying that the limited number of Real Feel condoms manufactured by the company couldn’t comply with its quality standards. They say that the condoms have not met the ISO standards on ageing. This means that there is a chance that the prophylactics may degrade over time.

The company also assured consumers, saying that there is no reason to be worried even if they used the condoms lately. The non-latex Real Feel condoms will be safe, as long as the consumers used them as instructed. If they are still not confident, the company can offer a full refund on the original pack.

“The safety of our consumers always comes first, and this is reflected in our rigorous quality standards,” it said. Durex also added that there was no reason for consumers to worry as no other products were affected.