Guru Nanak Jayanti Recipes 2018: Kada Prasad Health Benefits and How To Make It
Kada Prasad recipe and health benefits! (Photo Credit: screengrab Aarti's Kitchen)

Guru Nanak Jayanti also called as Gurpurab and Guru Nanak's Prakash Utsav is the most sacred festival among the Sikhs that marks the birth of the of the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak. All the gurus in known in the Sikh community shape the beliefs of Sikhism and act as mentors. This year we celebrate the 549th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak all across India and other countries. The bright celebrations are held in the Gurudwaras across the world to mark Guru Nanak Jayanti. The celebrations among the Sikh community usually revolves around 'Seva' which is the selfless service for the people. They hold langars which is a feast for everyone. The amazing meal served in the langar is served to all the devotees to celebrate the festival with generosity. The meal served is strictly vegetarian, clean and healthy. One of the most important food items that are served at Gurudwaras on this day is the Kada Prasad and you'll be shocked to know that apart from being extremely delicious the Kada Prasad is very healthy as well. Guru Nanak Jayanti 2018: Unknown Facts About The First Sikh Guru On His 550th Birth Anniversary. 

Take a look at an easy Kada Prasad recipe-

You'll need-

An equal amount of wheat flour, jaggery and ghee

and double amount of water

1 small bowl atta (wheat flour)

1 small bowl jaggery

1 small bowl ghee (Clarified butter)

2 cup water


  • Make a sweet syrup by boiling water and jaggery and keep aside.
  • In a pan add ghee, wheat flour and roast till golden brown.
  • Now add sugar water and stir well.
  • And you have the mouth-watering Kada Prasad ready!

Take a look at the video that shows you how to make Kada Prasad easily at home.

Reasons why Kada Prasad is healthy-

  1. It includes wheat flour which is way healthier than maida and doesn't make you gain weight. The wheat flour is more fibrous and is also good for your digestive system. It is rich in vitamin B and including niacin, thiamin and folate. They are also a good source of minerals like iron, zinc, manganese and magnesium.
  2. You don't need to necessarily use sugar- While some people use sugar to make Kada Prasad you can easily use jaggery to add sweetness to your Kada Prasad. Loaded with antioxidants, jaggery is also great for your stomach as it prevents constipation and aid digestion. It also acts as a detox for your liver.
  3. Ghee- We won't deny that ghee has gained a bad reputation recently for being rich in fat and causing weight gain. However, not many people know that it is loaded with vitamins like D, E, A and K, ghee is also known to be rich in dietary fats that are healthy for you. 8 Health Benefits of Ghee That Will Make You Ditch Butter and Oil. 
  4. The texture is easy on your stomach- Even while being rich in fibre the texture of Kada Prasad is great for your bowel flow and the sweetness uplifts your mood instantly.

Take a look at this video-

So if you were under an impression that the Kada Prasad is unhealthy for you, you might want to rethink. Having said that, it is always advised to have anything in moderation to avoid any kinds of risks.