India is reeling under the annual heatwave that impacts the citizens of the country during summer months. States like Rajasthan, Delhi and Maharashtra have already seen record high temperatures of 45-plus degrees Celsius. Running air conditioners is not only expensive on the household account, but alsoadd to global warming. Living through summer without an air conditioner has almost become an impossible task. Here are alternative natural ways to keep cool and beat the heat without an AC. 

Make a DIY Air Conditioner

Why not try making a DIY air conditioner? Position a shallow pan with ice cubes in front of a table fan. As the fan rotates, a cooling mist will circulate in the air as the ice cubes start melting. It will pick up the breeze creating a cool atmosphere for you to relax at home. Summer Care Tips: How To Manage a Heat Stroke.

Cover With a Damp Blanket

For a peaceful sleep without the sweat during the summer months, dampen a towel in cold water and use it as a blanket. It helps you stay cool and get a good night's sleep. You can also sprinkle some cold water on your bed before you hit the sack. 

Turn Off the Lights

Light bulbs tend to give off heat, further adding up to the heat in the room. Switch off the lights in your room whenever you do not need them. This way you will not only reduce your electricity bill but also your carbon footprint.  Ways to Maintain Healthy, Lustrous Hair in Summer Heat.

Add Window Plants

Who does not love indoor plants? Place a few plants near the windows to humidify the air. Plants also reduce the amount of heat inside the house keeping the room cool. Summer Skin Care Tips: Follow This Routine For a Radiant Skin Everyday in Summer Heat.

Also, ensure that you mop the floor twice a day with cold water to absorb the heat and cool the room down. 

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