The summer season has become a bit too harsh this year. Summer 2019 has literally left everyone constantly sweating, with the temperatures escalating every day. Having a sweaty body can be very uncomforting and it also makes one feel tired. So taking care of the body, staying hydrated is very important. Skin and hair also need extra care and protection. Sweaty hair can only cause more irritation and if you have long, thick hair it can result in more tangles. Thus, taking care of your hair is very important to prevent them from being unruly. We give you some tips to maintain healthy hair despite the harsh summer sun.

Hair Care Tips for Summer

  • Summer cut: Your hair should be trimmed every few months for its continuous growth. Start your summers by getting a basic trim. If you have too long hair, then summer is a good time to chop some of them off. Haircut for Summer 2019: Beat Summer Heat With Latest Blunt Haircuts.
  • Cover your hair: Whenever you step out, make sure you carry a scarf around your head. If not completely preventing the harsh sun, a scarf prevents direct damage to your hair. Your scalp retains its moisture. Not just the sun, but it also prevents the dust from settling into your hair.
  • Oil and Condition: Whatever the season be, don't change the basic routine of oiling your hair before a hair wash and conditioning them after taking a hair bath. Choose a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair wisely. There are certain conditioners which have a sun protection effect as well. DIY Hair Care Tips: Refresh Your Hair With These Easy to Make Shikakai Masks.
  • Do not blow dry: While your hair is already is exposed to a lot of heat once outside, let your hair dry naturally. Use less heat be it blow dry or straightener, especially during the summer months. The double heat will end up making your hair frizzy and damage the texture.
  • Drink water and coconut water: Just as your body needs hydration, your hair also requires nutrition. So stay as hydrated as you can and drink coconut water over fizzy drinks.
  • Tie your hair loose: Summers is a good time to flaunt different hairstyles from bob, buns to plaits. Leaving your tresses open is not a great option as it will also make your sweat more. Tying them loose or tying plaits is a good option of managing long hair.
  • Use wide tooth comb: Hair can get rough and frizzy but don't brush them often. Instead, take some time, be patient while untangling and use a wide-toothed comb. It helps in avoiding breakage.

These are some of the ways you should definitely follow to maintain the frizz and roughness in this summer season. The scalp losing on nourishment can cause dandruff, sticky scalp, irritation. So it is important to take care of your hair's nourishment as well. We hope the above tips help you to keep healthy, lustrous mane in this summer heat.

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