You must be saving your favourite perfume for years, but it may not be the best thing to do. Aromas typically come laden with alcohols and additives that extend their shelf life by months but not years. Natural fragrances, in fact, have a much shorter window. The floral or citrus-based scents, tend to evaporate pretty fast and lasts for no longer than six months. Plus, the oxidation, UV exposure, and temperature cause the perfumes to turn rancid and expire. Here's how to know if your favourite scent has expired.

Check the Expiration Date

Do not toss the perfume packaging, as it can remind you when it's time to dispose of the bottle. But if you have no idea when doe the fragrance expire, writing the date when you open the perfume inside the pack can help. Happy Perfume Day 2020! Ditch Expensive Scents, Here's How to Make Easy DIY Perfume at Home (Watch Video).

Observe the Colour of the Liquid

If the liquid in your perfume bottle turns brownish or blackish, know that it is time to toss the bottle. The colour primarily changes because of oxidation. The change in colour can be much easier to spot if the fragrance is kept in a clear container. Dinosaurs Too Liked Perfumes That We Enjoy: Research.

The Perfume Might Smell Different

If the perfume smells off and is not your signature scent anymore, it has probably expired. The ingredients may give a strong sweet aroma for a short period, but with time they may start to cross-react and release a fragrance that's not necessarily pleasant.

It Might Turn Cloudy

Cloudiness can be another sign of an unknown chemical reaction. It's not because of mold or anything mould, but the cloudiness is a sign that other responses are going on in there. Sexologist Uses 'Vaginal Juice' as Perfume on Dates and Has Men 'Flock to Her'! Know More About Pheromones.

Also, toss the bottle if you notice some substantial sedimentation gathering at the bottom of the container. To make your fragrances last longer, always store them in cold places away from sunlight. Remember never to store it in your bathroom!

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