Just because yoga is low-impact and gentle, it does not mean that the practice cannot hurt you. Now that most of us are practising yoga at home without the instructors, it has become much more crucial to maintain the correct form to avoid injuries. Ignoring your body's cues or trying to get stretch into an advanced pose a little too soon could leave you bound to your bed with an injury to boot. Here's how to have a practice free of stress and pain and prevent injuries.

Listen to The Cues of Your Body

You must listen to your body when you are approaching yoga poses whether it is a pose that you have been practising for years or it is a brand new one. Do not force yourself if something does not feel right. You do not have to look like your instructor in that headstand or crow pose. Chocolate Yoga: How to Indulge and Meditate Your Way to Bliss!

Use Your Breath

Take deep breaths to gauge how deep can you get into a pose. If your breathing becomes thwarted or too constrained, it is your body's way of telling you that you are stressing too much. How to Stand on One Leg: Yoga Tips to Help You Balance Yourself.

Keep Props Handy

It can be a great idea to use a block for the practice instead of forcing your hand to the floor in poses where your body is not ready. So when you roll out the mat, also place the blocks and straps around you. 10 Totally Hilarious Struggles Only People Who Practice Yoga Will Understand.

Use Your Muscles Properly

Lack of muscle engagement and sitting in joints can injure you. You do not want to strain the tendon at the high point of the hamstring. Instead of straining your joints, engage the upper arms in poses like downward facing dog, high plank, and low plank.

Also, ensure that you find an online instructor that works for you. It might take several trials and errors but do not hesitate to sign up for a new class until you feel comfortable.

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