10 Totally Hilarious Struggles Only People Who Practice Yoga Will Understand
Yoga (Photo credits: Pixabay)

If you are like me who is obsessed with the world of yogadom, you would have stalked numerous yoga blogs and started following yoga celebrities on Instagram with their impossibly beautiful, death-defying, transforming selfies. Beyond the body beautiful, however, there are the life-changing benefits of this practice. Calmness, self-acceptance, compassion, enlightenment and the list goes on. And while you may be happily breathing in your own spiritual ether, I can’t help noticing some oh-so-trivial essence of this remarkable practice which are totally random and underrated. Can you relate to these?

1. The Love-Hate Relationship with Adjustments

As a new kid in yoga class, you would probably be having a tough time remembering the various variations of the same pose like warrior. But making those adjustments and moving through the poses must have made things even more difficult. However, now you are in a more comfortable zone. You love to gently push your lower back in downward dog position and nothing feels better than adding a little more stretch to that pigeon pose. It is not uncommon, yoga does that to you. You like to challenge your flexibility and push yourself harder every time you get on the mat.

2. Worry About the Ugly Om Voice

You have to agree that there can be nothing more calming than chanting "Om".  But how many times have you waited for others to start the chanting? You surely do not want to be that screechy voice chanting from the corner of the room, don't you? The "Om" only settles down after a few seconds, the first few seconds is only worrying about your "ugly voice" (that others will hear). Have you tried death metal yoga?

3. The Passing Thoughts of "Wanting To Be a Yoga Teacher"

How many times have you thought about quitting your job and becoming a yoga teacher?  You nailed a headstand so probably you could start training right? Or you could move to Manali or Rishikesh, get your own yoga studio and have your own dedicated students. We all want to be like the happy-go-lucky yoga teachers and there is nothing wrong about wishing for that.

4. The Terrible Feeling Inspired By the Inspirational Yoga Pictures

You must be following several yogis on Instagram but every time you browse through your feed, you feel nothing but terrible. You wonder how can someone have that perfect thigh gap and bend like Beckham! And then the reality hits that no matter how much yoga you do, you are never going to be like that Los Angeles  carefree mother with that never-fading natural glow. Try these simple exercises to wipe out wrinkles and fine lines. 

5. The Fear of Passing Out In a Yoga Class

You wait for the entire 45-minutes to lie down in savasana, but you are aware that the moment you rest down you won't take seconds to pass out. Even if you attempt not to blackout, you fail. How often have you had the teacher waking you up from your sweet dreams?

6. Crying Between Poses

A lot of times experts ask you to let go of your pent-up feelings in between yoga poses. It can be a good time to hit a yoga class after a breakup to release your emotions but at any other time, you might just be cursing yourself for being that only one crying in the yoga class. You just wish that the hot guy next to you do not notice. Here are 4 times you should not perform yoga asanas. 

7. Slipping On the Mat

It is not uncommon to fall on your face when you are trying to attempt crow pose, especially when you are a beginner.  Getting out of that moon pose without losing balance might seem like a Herculean task.  While it is all normal to slip, you do not want to fall on your back several times in a room full of flexible people.

8. Wardrobe Malfunction

You don't want others to see the details of your reproductive system when you bend in a downward-facing dog or do an inversion. So you think twice before wearing those yoga pants. Sadly, yoga requires you to stretch and bend in ways that go beyond your skin or attire.

9. Living with Calloused Feet

If you are practicing yoga, there is no way you can do away with repulsive, dry feet. Practicing barefoot means getting your feet tough and destroying every manicure and pedicure you get.

10. The Inseparable Yoga Mat

If you are not going to the same studio, you are probably carrying your mat to work and then to class and then home again. It makes things less annoying if you have a car, but everyone hates you in public transport during a rush hour. It is really hard to carry a yoga mat without accidentally hitting a bunch of people.