Madonna Drinks Her Own Pee After a 3 AM Ice Bath to 'Heal' In A Viral Video! Does Urine Really Have Health Benefits?
Madonna drinks her own pee after a 3 AM ice bath to 'Heal' (Photo Credits: Instagram)

In a video that is going viral, famous singer Madonna shared that she takes an ice bath at 3 AM and also drinks her own pee afterwards. She claims that it helps heal her body of injuries. The 61-year-old singer claims that it is her post-show routine and has even confessed earlier that it has helped her big time! Madonna is in between her Madame X Tour when she suddenly planned to share with her fans her 3 AM ritual. In the video, you can first see Madonna in a black swimsuit style attire. She is also wearing shoes and then dips her feet in the water first. Urine Therapy for Weight Loss! Canadian Woman Claims She Lost 60 Kg by Drinking Her Own Pee (Watch Video).

She also shows us the injury om her thighs before dunking into the ice-water filled bathtub. You can hear other people around her encourage and praise her for what she was doing. "That's so you know how cold it is," she said and you can see her cold and freeze in the tub for a while. Soon the star proceeded to drink a yellow liquid from a white teacup and says, "It's really good to drink urine after you've got out of the frozen bath." Woman drinks her dog’s urine; claims that it cleared her acne (watch video)

Healing Benefits of Urine

This isn't the first time Madonna has spoken of using urine as a medical treatment, she has been advocating urine therapy from a very long time. Reportedly, she has urinated on her own feet to ward off athlete's foot in the past. However, for understanding the benefits urine has to offer you must understand that the composition of urine contains 25g/d of urea, 1.5g of creatinine, 1g/d of uric acid, 10g/d of electrolytes and a trace amount of proteins. Some of the claimed natural health benefits include wound-healing in the mouth, improved eyesight, immune system boost, keeping thyroid issues at bay and replenishing lost nutrients. People have been using urine therapy for a very long time.

Sometimes also called the "golden fountain" urine may have gained a name for its own but very little evidence supporting its claims exist. Moreover, it is also important to make sure if drinking urine is safe or not. A healthy person's urine consists of about 95 percent water and sterile which means it may be safe to drink urine but at what cost? It may replenish lost water but sometimes urine comprises of components that may not be good for your health.